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August 14, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Stuck on You: Glenn Watson
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Bringing new meaning to the phrase ”attached to the project,” Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear star in ”Stuck on You” as conjoined twins who move from Massachusetts to Hollywood to pursue one brother’s dream of being a star. It’s an idea the Farrellys first worked on in 1990, years before ”There?s Something About Mary.” ”Back then studios were afraid of it: ‘You can’t make a movie about conjoined twins,”’ Peter Farrelly recalls. ”There was no reason. It’s just that people are pussies.” At one point Woody Allen and Jim Carrey were to play the twins, but when talks fell through the filmmakers decided to go with actors who could actually pass as kin. (Cher, meanwhile, plays herself, and Meryl Streep contributes a cameo.)

”Stuck” was one of several scripts Damon received after his comic guest turn on TV’s ”Will & Grace.” ”In a weird way, that episode really helped me,” he says. ”I just did it to have a good time, yet suddenly studios said, ‘Oh, he can be funny.”’

But the 11 hours of prosthetic work required to join the actors for their shirtless scenes was no laughing matter. ”It was worse for Greg because he had to have his chest waxed,” says Damon. ”He said that was the worst experience of his life. And he had to do it three or four times because we’d shoot the scenes, like, three weeks apart. What little chest hair I had got ripped off in the first makeup test!”

Still smarting from the flak they caught from the likes of Carnie Wilson over ”Shallow Hal,” the Farrellys insist they’re not ridiculing their heroes. ”They’re complete winners,” says Peter. ”They have a successful business, they were the kings of the prom, and they were on the state champion hockey team.” Uh, excuse me? ”They were the goalie, of course.”

The Killer Moment ”The thing that’s going to blow people away is how much you care about these guys,” says Peter Farrelly. ”But also when they fight each other, that’s pretty funny too.”

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