Uma Thurman, Kill Bill -- Vol. 1
Credit: Kill Bill: Andrew Cooper

”Quentin is really refreshing, doesn’t give a s— about any of the conventions,? says David Carradine. ?He’s the king of the non-establishment moviemakers.?

Doesn?t Miramax?s Harvey Weinstein know it. And if anyone else wants proof, they can just look at the two little words added to the title of Tarantino?s latest: ”Volume One.” After an eight-month shoot that stretched from Beijing to Tokyo to L.A. to rural Mexico, the ”Pulp Fiction” director and the Miramax executive decided that the splatter-a-go-go revenge flick would be better served in two courses. In part 1, we’ll be introduced to the Bride (Uma Thurman), who is left for dead on her wedding day only to come back to try and kill all her former associates, including the leader of her gang, the Bill-of-title (Carradine). Along the way, we?ll get healthy servings of samurai swordplay and kung fu kicks, not to mention buckets of blood.

As for ”Volume Two”? Well, the studio still doesn?t know when ”Volume Two” will be released. Which is a serious problem. Bill has gotten a lot of play as an out-of-control project — the thousands of feet of film burned, the extended shoot, the 197-page script — and the decision to cut it in two certainly didn?t help matters.

But remember this: For all the shooting days and cutting shenanigans, Tarantino has thus far brought the movie — er, movies — in at a reasonable $55 million and counting.

The Kill(Bill)er Moment The House of Blue Leaves fight. “We spent eight weeks,” says Thurman, “on a sequence that will be 25 minutes long.”

Kill Bill -- Vol. 1
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