Here's what's next for ''Sex'''s Cattrall, Davis. Cattrall will remake Grace Kelly's ''Country Girl,'' and Davis plans baseball fantasy ''Winning Season''

By Gary Susman
Updated August 13, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Sex and the City” may be wrapping production at the end of this season, but that doesn’t mean its stars will be cooling their Jimmy Choo heels in the unemployment line. In fact, Kim Cattrall already has two other HBO projects lined up. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she’s narrating and producing a documentary for HBO called ”Sexual Intelligence,” and she’s optioned the remake rights to ”The Country Girl,” in which she’ll take on the role that won Grace Kelly an Oscar in the 1954 film version.

Based on the Clifford Odets play, ”Country Girl” is about showbiz couple Frank and Georgie Elgin — he’s a washed-up actor who turns to the bottle even as his career hits an upswing, and she’s the put-upon wife who tries to keep him from hitting bottom. Cattrall, who will also produce the drama, will be following in the footsteps of Kelly as well as Shirley Knight and Faye Dunaway, who’ve starred in previous remakes.

Kristin Davis also has a cable movie in the works, and, as befits her prim ”Sex” character, it’ll be suitable for the whole family. She’ll star opposite Matthew Modine in TNT’s baseball fantasy ”The Winning Season,” playing Mandy Henton, fiancee of early 20th-century baseball hero Honus Wagner (Modine). Based on Dan Gutman’s book ”Honus and Me,” it’s about a boy whose magical baseball card transports him back to the 1909 World Series, where he meets Wagner and Henton. Look for it to air when baseball season starts next spring.

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