August 08, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Celine Dion, beware: Stephen King is in the house. Starting with this issue, the mega-best-selling author of Carrie, The Shining, The Stand, The Dark Tower, Pet Sematary, The Green Mile, It, On Writing, and many, many more will weigh in once a month on the back page of this magazine. His column is called ”The Pop of King,” and it’s about everything that you love about EW: pop culture, in all its wondrous, funny, fabulous glory. ”The Pop of King” will dissect movies, books, TV, music, and more. It will be opinionated, surprising, current, and passionate. King’s debut is just such an introduction: a quick look at the movies, music, and books he loves — and the ones he can’t stand (Ms. Dion, you may take cover now).

”The Pop of King” will make its second appearance two issues from now, to coincide with the opening of Freddy vs. Jason. As you might expect, our columnist has an outsize interest in that eagerly anticipated movie. After that, the column will appear monthly, with Stupid Questions running the other three weeks.

This is the first regular column Stephen King has written since he was a college student at the University of Maine at Orono. His association with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY can be traced to our second year, 1991, when he wrote about becoming America’s Best-Loved Bogeyman. Over the years, he’s peppered us with letters applauding or criticizing our coverage, and most recently he reviewed the new Harry Potter book (#718, 7/11/03). ”My relationship with EW goes back to the very beginning,” says King, ”and I appreciate the wit and intelligence that it delivers every week. I am delighted to be contributing to the magazine.”

Not as delighted as we are to have him. Now it’s over to you, dear reader. As King writes in this issue: ”I decided…to give it a try. The question, I guess, is whether or not you want to give it a try.”

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