D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat

August 08, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Denmark is not just for furniture anymore — the Danish gay/straight/retro/techno duo Junior Senior is giving its pop-savvy neighbors in Sweden a run for their money. Junior, 26, is the straight young pretty boy who writes the songs and sings, while Senior, 27, is the fat gay dude with the ‘stache who jumps around and yells. (After reading this far, any reasonable person should have purchased the album.) Junior is one of the few working producers who prefers Ringo’s beats to Timbaland’s, but he’s onto something. Building the short bridge between Deee-Lite and the B-52’s with cheap digitools, D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat makes good on every song title: ”Rhythm Bandits,” ”Shake Your Coconuts,” ”Dynamite.”

They ably describe themselves in ”White Trash”: ”We wanna wear the same as Sonny and Cher/And show we’ve got balls like the New York Dolls.” The best song of the year without an actual verse, first single ”Move Your Feet,” is already a bona fide European hit and may catch a break in the States thanks to the fabulous low-tech, ”Space Invaders”-style animated video featuring a bad squirrel and a good hot dog. (The clip, already in rotation on MTV, is included on the CD.) Grouches, prudes, and people with an aversion to high sucrose levels may feel the need to stop the beat, but that would be a mistake.

Those who plan to bump Junior Senior in the Hummer should be warned: This record is as catchy as old AM-radio pop, but it’s also equally tinny. The bottom on most of the tunes is as skinny as Junior’s. Also, the Actual Song thing sometimes eludes him on his quest for the perfect aerobic catchphrase. But if Junior Senior did get serious for a moment, the rumpus would fall apart.

This is postmodernism come 360. All the hip references and stylish samples do what they did the first time — namely, start a party. There’s nothing meta about Junior Senior. Their topic is, almost entirely, sex and dancing: ”Shake your coconuts, cocoboys/Until the milk comes out, cocogirls.” Pop ditties! Sex! Who knew they would go together?! If you think songs get into trouble past the three-minute mark and words are nothing more than things that fall out of your mouth, ”D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat” is the record for you.

D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat

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D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat

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