Fleiss: Photos, tapes detail Sizemore's abuse. The actor weeps while his ex-fiancee testifies against him

By Gary Susman
Updated August 07, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

This time, it was Tom Sizemore’s turn to cry, as ex-fiancée Heidi Fleiss spent a second day testifying against the ”Black Hawk Down” actor in his domestic violence trial on Wednesday. The ex-madam had wept on the stand on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court as she testified to several occasions on which she said Sizemore had beaten her. On Wednesday, the Associated Press reports, he wept at the defense table as she accused him of abuse, showing photos and playing telephone message tapes that she said supported her claims.

Fleiss said that Sizemore had threatened to kill her and her brother on more than one occasion, Los Angeles TV station KABC reported. She showed photos of injuries she said she suffered at his hands, photos taken five days after one alleged attack. She also played tapes of phone calls (Sizemore is charged with making more than 100 harassing calls to her), including recordings in which he called her a whore and threatened to cut off her hands, AP reports. Asked why she finally turned to authorities, she said: ”I couldn’t take it anymore. There was someone else I had feelings for, and I realized there was something better. I realized I was not some dog to be left in the street. I deserved better. I’m not some dog that can be kicked up and down the street.”

Sizemore’s lawyer, Michael Fitzgerald, called Fleiss a liar on Tuesday and reminded jurors of her criminal record (she spent 21 months behind bars for tax evasion and pandering). On Wednesday, he got Fleiss to admit that she had thrown things at Sizemore and had used profanity in their arguments. However, she said, ”He outdid me.”

On Thursday, testimony continued, as actor John Enos (”Sex and the City”’s Mr. Cocky), who said he was Fleiss’ first boyfriend after her release from prison in 1999, said that Sizemore once came to his house at 4 a.m. demanding to see Fleiss, who wasn’t there. He also said that two days later, Fleiss showed him a cut on her head that she blamed on Sizemore. And Los Angeles detective Mark Gayman testified that he responded to a domestic violence call at Sizemore’s home in 1997, when he was married to actress Maeve Quinlan, and took Sizemore into custody, though the actor was released when she declined to press charges.