Skynyrd guitarist's seizure scraps band's tour. Gary Rossington's convalescence forces the band to abandon co-headlining gigs with Sammy Hagar

By Gary Susman
Updated August 06, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Sammy Hagar will have to try to drive 55 all by himself; Lynyrd Skynyrd can’t come with him. The veteran Southern rock band pulled out of a co-headlining tour with the former Van Halen frontman on Tuesday after guitarist Gary Rossington suffered a seizure, Reuters reports. Rossington, 51, had open-heart surgery several months ago, and though doctors released him from an Atlanta hospital on Monday, he’s been ordered to rest for several weeks.

Rossington and keyboardist Billy Powell are the only remaining members from the classic Skynyrd lineup of the 1970s; the rest have died or left the band. The band expects to return to the road on Aug. 23 for the start of its own ”Vicious Cycle” tour, promoting the album of that title that has sold 130,000 copies since its release in May.