By EW Staff
Updated August 01, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

”It” had to be Hugh! Cover Wolverine Hugh Jackman had readers howling for more of It, our list of Hollywood’s most creative (#716/717, June 27/July 4). ”I love you more and more, EW!” proclaims Memphis’ Stephanie Hall. ”I am so in love with Hugh Jackman, and you just gave me more material to hang in my office.” American Idol worshipers had similarly strong feelings. ”This year’s list was almost complete, with one notable exception,” says Vancouver’s K.R. Auger. ”The biggest It Boy is Clay Aiken.” And fans of AI’s first-season runner-up also felt slighted by our list and the review of his CD. ”EW is ‘losing It,’ not Justin Guarini,” counters L. Anderson of Chicago. ”Justin’s smooth voice shines like the fine chocolate it is.” Atlanta’s Judy Paul wonders: ”Did reviewer Henry Goldblatt hear the same CD that I have repeatedly listened to? This is one of the most soulful blends of tunes, lyrics, and talent that I have heard.” Suffice it to say, we hear your sound of fury.

Believe It or Not

You have made my life complete! Finally, Hugh Jackman has been recognized as he has so long deserved! Hugh is by far one of the most outstanding (and often overlooked) actors in the business! He is the ultimate Renaissance man; he acts, sings, dances, is a loving husband and father, and also isn’t bad on the eyes! Watch out, Hollywood: Hugh Jackman is here to conquer and rule, and the women of the world couldn’t be happier! JULIE HEFT Lima, Ohio

I’m working on Hugh Jackman’s new project Van Helsing as a stand-in, and his generosity and kindness to not only myself but the whole crew is such an inspiration for all of those who aspire to one day be where he is. He is one of those rare exceptions of stars who actually live up to their PR hype. DOMINIC PACE Los Angeles

What a disappointing cover of Hugh Jackman. Every female in my family ranging from 14 to 50 said ewww when they saw the cover. He is a very handsome man and you made him look terrible. COLLEEN NEUBAUER Schaumburg, Ill.

Thank you so much for including me in this year’s It List. I couldn’t believe it when I found out! I was so excited. Thank you for inviting me to the It List party in New York. I wanted to come so bad, but I was filming in Mexico City. I love reading ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY! DAKOTA FANNING Actress, age 9 Los Angeles

Your comments on Justin Guarini ”losing it” could not have been more insane. Justin has a huge following and has done quite well considering that it’s his fans who seem to be promoting him the most. His songs have hardly had any airtime compared to Kelly Clarkson, yet he sold 57,000 copies of his debut album in the first five days of its release. Justin will not fail. Put your seat belts on because Justin is going to be around for a very long time. SHAWN MARIE LONG Rockwall, Tex.

What about Steven Moffat, who wrote the BBC’s hilarious Coupling (and is currently preparing an American version of the same)? Moffat mixes situational humor with large doses of farce to create some of the funniest moments on TV. JOHN KEPHART Tacoma, Wash.