Didn't they graduate? The Felicity gang just won't leave NYC.

By Jessica Shaw
Updated August 01, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

This summer, there’ve been two ways to relive the angst-ridden days of The WB’s Felicity: Buy the DVDs (season 2 is out now), or walk around NYC. Perch at Greenwich Avenue and West 12th, and you might think Felicity: The Postgrad Years is playing out live. In fact, there’s Felicity now (we at EW feel better about our stalking if we refer to actors as their characters). Her curls finally grown out, she’s listening to her iPod and going to Equinox for Pilates. And then there’s Ben, who drew stares in front of his old workplace, Dean & Deluca. But the best episode had to be when Felicity and Ben were rather close at Bonsignour on Jane Street.

We were dying to see what would transpire when Scott Foley, uh, Noel, came to town to star in Broadway’s The Violet Hour. (He’s single again now that he and Sydney Bristow have called it quits.) But does anyone find it a tad curious that Felicity went to London to shoot Cabbages & Queens just when the love triangle would be at its peak? Oh, where is Javier to make sense of all this?

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