A Real World hottie takes the stage in a pretty pity party.

By Nancy Miller
Updated July 25, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

She’s already appeared on basic cable having a boozy three-way in a Vegas hot tub, so some might see Trishelle Cannatella’s stage debut in the Off Broadway play Pieces (of Ass) as redundant. But on July 13, the 23-year-old Louisiana looker best known for her sexy on-screen antics on MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas took the stage at Theatre 80 in downtown New York City. Like the flip side of The Vagina Monologues, Pieces (of Ass) features several stunning women pouring out their hearts (and swiveling their hips) on the painful subject of, well, being really, really hot.

To the hooting, 100-plus-person, testosterone-charged crowd, Trishelle twirls a sculpted curl and reads a letter she received from a 43-year-old female ”fan” from Dallas that quickly turns into a sad, scathing rant chastising the ”fellow Southerner” for being such a shameless hootchie. ”I get a lot of ’em,” she says of her hate mail after the show. ”But reading it out loud made me feel better.” And, believe it or not, the feel-sorry-for-the- hottie show is surprisingly convincing, like the honest — and hilarious — bit by a former beauty-pageant ”addict” so longing for attention, she looks forward to construction worker whistles.

In late September, the play heads to Los Angeles and is expected to feature performances by Baywatch babe Krista Allen and actress Tara Reid. As for Trishelle? ”I’m flying out tomorrow for the Real World/Road Rules challenge,” she explains. Alas, reality beckons.

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