By EW Staff
Updated July 25, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Touched by an Angel? You wish! But fans of Charlie’s curvy crime fighters came close through our cover story on the Full Throttle ladies (#715, June 20). Derek Jackson of Methuen, Mass., simply declares, ”Greatest. Cover. Ever.” Readers were similarly WOW!ed by Tom Sinclair’s close-up of legend Stan Lee, but several thought we shortchanged Lee’s collaborator, artist Jack Kirby. ”Comics are a visual medium,” says Jim Whiting of Albany, N.Y., ”and without the iconic images of every character in the Marvel universeincluding Spider-Man, who Kirby helped develop Marvel would not have created the silver age of comics.” Controversy also surrounded our claim that Houses of the Holy was Led Zeppelin’s ”last unqualified masterpiece.” ”Physical Graffiti is their magnum opus,” insists Kenny Mansfield of Evansville, Ind. ”No album better showcases their timeless range and potency, especially with ‘Kashmir,’ rock’s most majestic theme.” Led Zep listeners, discuss.

Angel Ayes

Not long after I sat down in my den, I smelled smoke. I looked out my window and noticed the mail person was walking away. I rushed out to see what the heck was happening, and my wooden mailbox was slightly charred. I looked in and pulled out the ”Charlie’s Angels Tell All” issue! Talk about hot! This issue should have been enveloped in a fire-retardant sleeve. Kudos to EW! MARK J. FEATHERSTONE Windsor Hills, Calif.

Despite being surrounded by other beautiful and much younger women, it is unbelievable how much Demi Moore stands out for her beauty. She is an outstanding actress who was perhaps at times too strong for most men, too beautiful for most women, and who apparently chose family over her career. But I couldn’t be happier that she is back, and hopefully people will realize what a star she really is. Welcome back, Demi. CHRISTIAN DONOHUE Warren, N.J.

Loved the cover with the Charlie’s Angels posing in their nightgowns and slips. Looking forward to seeing Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Hugo Weaving in their pajamas and Hanes plugging The Matrix Revolutions. MATT SOLBERG Phoenix

Comic Genius

Excelsior! I wanted to thank you for the terrific piece on Stan Lee (”The Greats Stan Lee”). I am very pleased by the move your magazine has taken toward acknowledging comics as a legitimate form of entertainment. I have read and heard many interviews with Lee, and he seems to be such a positive person. In addition, he is a wonderful writer. He, along with other greats such as Jack Kirby and Will Eisner, paved the way for latter-day saints such as Alan Moore and Art Spiegelman who have made comics a force in the arts as well as in popular culture. RICH STEEVES Guilford, Conn.

In praising Stan Lee’s contribution to Marvel’s success, Tom Sinclair gave short shrift to his collaborators, particularly Jack Kirby. He not only set the visual style for Marvel’s heroic tales but was also a one-man idea factory, either developing Lee’s concepts into kinetic brilliance or adding his own (the Silver Surfer was a Kirby solo addition to the Lee-Kirby plot for Fantastic Four No. 48, for example). Also, the Marvel style of writer-artist collaborations allowed for a great deal of the story’s pacing and staging to be determined by the artist, and Kirby’s story dynamics and emotional portrayals resulted in his pages being memorable with or without Lee’s dialogue. RICHARD HOWELL Leonia, N.J.