By EW Staff
Updated July 25, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT


Online readers are going both ways with Beyonce’s CD Dangerously in Love. Z Jay says it ”gave me chills of pleasure.” But Ladyejustice writes: ”’Crazy in Love’ is an average pop song — played to death. Can we please bring back true R&B singers?” Got an opinion? Respond to EW’s review of this album and other new picks at ew.com/musicreviews.


He’s Demi Moore’s squeeze and every casting director’s dream. Read about Hollywood hunk Ashton Kutcher’s next six movies — plus, get our complete coverage by typing his name in the search box at EW.com.


Grammy darling Norah Jones is No. 2 in CD sales this year. Find out who else made the top 10 — including the tattooed rapper at No. 1 — and get more news, updated daily at ew.com/news.

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