By Jim Mullen
Updated July 18, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 SHARON STONE Her five-year marriage to Phil Bronstein is over. What do you want to bet it was her highly public affair with the AOL logo that did it?

2 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN The big-budget swashbuckler was inspired by a Disney ride. Instead of a ticket, they originally wanted to sell you a $150 three-day pass.

3 JACK OSBOURNE Ozzy’s kid is out of rehab and clean. And if you can’t believe a celebrity teenage stoner, who can you believe?

4 THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Fictional characters like Captain Nemo and Tom Sawyer come to life to save the world. Their power is boring their enemies to death.

5 P. DIDDY Rumor has it that termites have invaded the rap impresario’s beach house. We knew his enemies would come out of the woodwork.

6 CUPID If a woman stays married for a year to a man picked by the viewing audience, she’ll get a million dollars. Where will they get married? In a bank?

7 HIP-STERS Inspired by stars like Cameron Diaz and Pink, young girls are showing off their pelvic bones. But let’s face it — most guys are really ”femur men.”

8 WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE The U.S. has put a $25 million bounty on Saddam Hussein’s head. What happens if Osama bin Laden catches him?

9 THE KING One of his teeth and a lock of his hair are for sale on eBay. Elvis has left the building — one body part at a time.

10 THE AMERICA CHANNEL It’s a new cable station geared to the folks who live in flyover country. They’re already at work on shows like Sex and the Next Town Over and CSI: Omaha.

Prozac Nation film bumped to late ’03…Supermodel Naomi


Prozac Nation film bumped to late ’03…Supermodel Naomi Campbell reportedly mulling role in Broadway’s Chicago