By Kimberly Reyes
Updated July 18, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Buffy’s first appearance on the Game Boy Advance will delight Sarah Michelle Gellar fanatics and game enthusiasts (especially Castlevania disciples) alike. We catch up with the Riley-era Buffy as the Hellmouth’s hyperactivity unexpectedly beckons — this time it’s the Darkhul King and his baddie buddies (unrelenting enemies like the Gentlemen and Adam) who must be destroyed. But battling through 16 labyrinthlike levels chockful of bloodthirsty ghouls would prove insurmountable if not for the help of familiar friends and a huge arsenal of killer weapons. In addition to screenshots and dialogue from the TV series (shown between levels), the virtual Slayer actually looks, moves, and grunts like the real Ms. Summers. Coolest feature: the ability to kill vamps by demolishing rooftops to let the sun shine in.