Lawsuit: Who IS the real Slim Shady? Sportswear maker Shady Inc. says Mathers' Shady Ltd. clothing line infringes its trademark

Won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up? Eminem, whose Shady Ltd. clothing line is available in 400 department stores, is being sued by Shady Inc., a Las Vegas-based sportswear company that claims it had the name first, the Detroit Free Press reports. In response to the Shady Inc. suit, filed in federal court in Nevada, Eminem’s lawyers argue that he’s the better-known Shady, and that the trademark should never have been granted to the lesser-known company.

Shady Inc. lawyer Thomas Hession told the Free Press that the Nevada company had been using the name to sell clothes since 1999 and had registered the trademark in 2001. ”We were first and we used it in good faith,” Hession said. ”We did not know at the time that Eminem was planning [to sell] clothes.”

Eminem’s lawyer, Manny Pokotilow, says that the rapper has been calling himself Slim Shady since 1996, has been famously associated with the nickname since 1999 (when he released ”The Slim Shady LP”), and registered his Shady Ltd. clothing trademark in 2000, though he didn’t actually launch the clothing line until January 2003, at which time Shady Inc. filed suit. ”That anybody would think that ‘Shady’ on a T-shirt would come from any source other than Marshall Mathers III would be kind of difficult to believe,” Pokotilow told the Free Press. Whoever wins, someone is bound to lose the shirt off his back.