''Matrix Reloaded'' hits video stores on Oct. 14. The DVD will come out just a couple weeks before ''Revolutions'' opens

By Gary Susman
July 14, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
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If you want to bone up on the brain-twisting plot of ”The Matrix Reloaded” before you see the final installment, ”The Matrix Revolutions,” Warner Home Video will make it easy for you. In what the company calls an industry first, it’s releasing ”Reloaded” on home video on Oct. 14, just three weeks before ”Revolutions” hits theaters on Nov. 5.

It’s rare for a home video to be released so close to the theatrical debut of its follow-up because, according to conventional wisdom, the video will sap ticket sales. But Warner Home Video executive vice president Ron Sanders tells the Hollywood Reporter, ”I don’t believe it will affect ticket sales in any negative way. In fact, I believe that the home video release of ‘Reloaded’ will boost ticket sales of ‘Revolutions.”’ He adds, ”Sure, this is an industry first. But we believe that this franchise presents us with a unique opportunity to combine a theatrical release of a very popular film with home video that will set a precedent for sales within the industry.”

The ”Reloaded” DVD and VHS versions will sell for about $22. Among the extras on the DVD will be a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the celebrated freeway chase sequence, as well as the parody of ”Reloaded” that opened the MTV Movie Awards last month, starring Justin Timberlake, Seann William Scott, and Will Ferrell.

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