''Big Brother'' tosses housemate over tantrum. Scott Weintraub blamed his chair-hurling fury on an outbreak of genital warts

By Gary Susman
Updated July 14, 2003 at 12:00 PM EDT

How carefully is CBS screening the ”Big Brother” contestants for their psychological ability to stay cooped up in a house with strangers for months? USA Today reports that producers booted Scott Weintraub on Saturday, just five days into the series, after a chair-tossing tantrum that made other housemates fear for their safety.

Weintraub a 33-year-old Chicago waiter who describes himself on the ”Big Brother” website as ”high energy, crazy,” refused the producers’ summons to cool down in the off-camera ”diary room” after he hurled chairs around the kitchen. He later apologized to housemates, blaming his outburst in part on a past outbreak of genital warts. (Eww, too much information, Scott.)

Internet viewers witnessed the incident, though it’s not clear if it will be shown on TV. It’s not likely Weintraub will be replaced, since this season’s gimmick of adding housemates’ exes to the mix resulted in a house crowded with 13 contestants instead of the usual 12. A CBS spokesman declined comment beyond confirming Weintraub’s ejection.

Last week, producers booted contestant Brandon Showalter before the show even started for violating the rules by calling his girlfriend when he was supposed to be sequestered in a hotel. Two years ago, producers ousted housemate Justin Sebik for holding a knife to a female contestant’s throat in what he claimed was a playful gesture.

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