By EW Staff
Updated July 11, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Uh-oh, oh, green giant! Movie fans exploded with missives on the Hulk’s animated transformation to the big screen (#713, June 6). ”I had no intention of seeing another comic-book-turned-movie,” attests Savannah Goodman of Yazoo City, Miss. ”But after your terrific article and those captivating pictures of Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly, I’m going to join the line at the theater.” Considering The Hulk’s big drop in box office revenue (which many of our CGI-skeptical readers predicted), Savannah might not have a long waitunlike some music buffs who turn to the iTunes Music Store. According to Terrence Mangold of Placentia, Calif., ”There are some drawbacks with Apple’s new download service compared with Napster. People will have a hard time finding rare songs. And some young bands without backing from a major label will get lost and may never appear on the site.” Ah, the lawful truth.

The Big Green One

Why did you have Gumby on your cover? And why was he so mad? BRYAN DURREN Royal Oak, Mich.

HULK SAY…CGI HULK BADDDD! That cover pic of ”big green” is terrible. If Ang Lee and the boys at ILM think the CGI Hulk is going to blow fans away, they are in for a rude awakening. It’s funny to think that ILM was once a pioneer of visual effects and is now being upstaged by the companies that did the effects for the Lord of the Rings and Matrix films. I wish the filmmakers had gone with traditional effects. Lou Ferrigno in green makeup was much more believable than their CGI monster. ERNEST BHEND Columbia, Mo.

Eric Bana, Shmeric Bana. Sure looks like Andrew McCarthy to me! LYNN SFANOS Scranton, Pa.

News flash to the makers of the Hulk movie: Audiences don’t like pseudo-scary, larger-than-life digital stars! Remember that big overblown fake Godzilla movie that tanked a few years back? Yeah, me neither! SAMMIE MORRIS Plano, Tex.

Bushnell League

I’m hoping that Troy Patterson’s article on Candace Bushnell (”Sensation and Sensibility”) was a sharp and clever piece of tongue-in-cheek mockery. That’s the way I read it. If I’m wrong and it was sincere, I’ll start looking for other signs of the apocalypse. As for Ms. Bushnell, three words come to mind: shallow, pretentious, and spoiled. JOHN COLLINS Gilbert, Ariz.

Stay iTuned

I thoroughly enjoyed your story on iTunes and the dinosaur attitude of the music industry (News + Notes). I have been purchasing from the iTunes store since it was introduced. I grew up in the late ’80s/early ’90s and have always been a major consumer of music. However in recent years, as I saw prices for most CDs increase, I became discouraged and purchased less and less. I’d like to see this new venture from Apple show the music industry that when the consumer is treated like a consumer (and not a potential criminal) with reasonable prices, it makes for a successful business model. JERRY MORENO El Paso