Ashton Kutcher, Hollywood playboy or workaholic? Don't let those racy tabloid reports fool you -- everyone's favorite man-about-town is busy building his career

By Brian Hiatt
Updated July 10, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Ashton Kutcher: CAMERA PRESS/Rankin/Retna

Cheaper by the Dozen (Movie - 2003)

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Dude, where’s my time off? Though gaming with P. Diddy, dating Demi, and punking Justin Timberlake keeps him busy, Ashton Kutcher is still, somehow, finding time to act. Not only has Hollywood’s hottest 25-year-old reupped for two more seasons of ”That ’70s Show” and MTV’s ”Punk’d,” he has at least five films on the way, including two that will introduce him as — gulp — a serious leading man. Take a look:

”My Boss’s Daughter” (Aug. 22)
PITCH Kutcher housesits for his evil boss (Terence Stamp) while simultaneously wooing Stamp’s cute daughter (Reid). ”’There are elements of zany comedy, farce, and romantic comedy in the movie — combining all three was the challenge,” says director David Zucker (”Airplane!,” ”Naked Gun”), who rewrote the script with Kutcher in an effort to add emotional depth amid the zaniness. ”We had to distill a story out of a grab bag of scenes that the original writer had done.”
BACK STORY The movie, which also stars Andy Richter (as Reid’s ne’er-do-well, drug-dealing brother) and Molly Shannon (as Stamp’s former secretary), was originally set to come out last fall. But it was delayed after test screenings showed problems with a too-sincere ending. ”It was this really emotional scene that Ashton had written, and in a comedy where he’s chased by an owl, it just didn’t work,” says Zucker. He shot a new, hopefully funnier scene that involved Stamp hanging from a tree. What kind of way is that to treat General Zod?
VERDICT Long delays can kill movies, but the year-long wait was the best thing that could’ve happened to ”My Boss’s Daughter.” It’s now set to be Kutcher’s first film since the Demi-and-”Punk’d” craze.

Episode Recaps

”Cheaper by the Dozen” (Winter 2003)
HOTTIE COSTAR Um, Bonnie Hunt?
PITCH Kutcher makes a cameo appearance in this Steve Martin remake of the 1950 comedy about an efficiency expert who attempts to apply his methods to raising his 12 children.
BACK STORY This tiny role is presumably a favor to the movie’s director, Shawn Levy, who helmed ”Just Married.”
VERDICT It’s a cameo, but reaching out to Martin’s older demographic can’t hurt. Just ask Queen Latifah.

Cheaper by the Dozen (Movie - 2003)

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