Stars and their kids unite for indie movie. Meet Dunaway, Carradine, Garcia: The Next Generation

By Gary Susman
July 04, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Liam O’Neill is playing his first major role in a feature film in the independent movie ”Last Goodbye,” and he’s brought with him his mom, Faye Dunaway. Along with Faye and son, Kansas Carradine also stars in the movie, as does her dad, ”Kung Fu” master David Carradine. In fact, the film is cast largely with celebrity-spawn ingenues, apparently in the hopes that such a combination of second-generation star power will attract attention to an indie film that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. (Hey, it’s working so far. Got our attention here at

Also in the cast, according to the Hollywood Reporter, are Clementine Ford (daughter of Cybill Shepherd), Dominik Garcia-Lorido (daughter of Andy Garcia), and Alejandro Quinn (son of the late Anthony Quinn). It’s not clear if parents Shepherd and Garcia are also participating in this Take Your Daughters to Work day.

Written and directed by Jacob Gentry, ”Last Goodbye” tells the interwoven stories of a TV star, a rock band, and a jobless actor, all of whom cross paths on a hot summer day in Atlanta, where ”Last Goodbye” is currently shooting.

As for O’Neill (whose dad, photographer Terry O’Neill, was Dunaway’s husband from 1983 to 1987), it’s his second time acting with his mom. They played themselves in cameos in Henry Jaglom’s ”Festival in Cannes” in 2001.