Heartland viewers: Get ready for the America Channel. New cable net plans to celebrate the Middle American lives that L.A./N.Y.-centric TV ignores

By Gary Susman
Updated July 04, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hey, Middle America: Are you tired of all those TV shows about people in New York, written by people in Los Angeles, that seem to ignore the lives and concerns of folks in the rest of the country? Doron Gorshein has a cable channel for you. Next year, the former CNN executive is launching the America Channel, which he says will focus on ”real reality and real storytelling” about ordinary Americans. ”We think that Middle America has fantastic stories to tell, and we’re going to go out there and get them,” he tells the Associated Press.

Prospective shows include ”American Stories,” lauding the achievements of regular Joes and Janes; ”Campus Report,” about college life; ”Faces of America,” celebrating the diversity of the melting pot; ”America from Afar,” a look at how foreign media report on U.S. events and newsmakers; ”Road Trip,” which will send twentysomethings across the country to visit interesting spots; and ”Occupational Hazard,” which will let people try their hand at strange jobs for one day. ”This won’t be reality TV as understood by its popular connotation,” Gorshein tells the Hollywood Reporter. ”This is about real places and people.” Note to Gorshein: If you really want to find out what’s happening with real people in the real American Heartland, maybe you should set up shop in, say, Omaha, instead of Orlando.