EW.com readers sound off about ''American Idol.'' Though they're furious about Frenchie's dismissal, they truly love Ruben, and think Kimberley deserved her spot too

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Updated July 03, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

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EW.com readers sound off about ”American Idol”

Sure, most of you who posted on EW.com’s message boards are happy that Ruben Studdard and Kimberley Locke are the most recent winners on ”American Idol.” And Clay Aiken, who took third place in this round, has supporters too. But no matter how much you love Ruben — and you DO love Ruben — his victory is overshadowed by one prevalent theme: Frenchie wuz robbed! Her removal from the competition (after admitting that she had worked for an adult website) made many of you see red.

Here are some notable messages that were posted on EW.com after this week’s shows, starting with the most passionate — and compassionate –responses to Frenchie’s dismissal:

A Sista:
Sometimes in life you are put in situations where you gotta do what you gotta do in order to get ahead in life. It’s called survival! She didn’t murder anyone…she didn’t rob anyone…she used what she had to get what she wanted. She was YOUNG then and she seems to be very mature now. We all deserve a second chance…why should Frenchie be treated any differently? She has a beautiful voice with a sparkling personality to go along with it. Why wouldn’t people idolize her? She changed her life for the better by pursuing her dream of becoming a star. It takes a big person to turn their life around like she did…and it takes a bigger person to see past the negative things in a person’s life and allow them to shine like the STAR she is. I guess the producers of ”American Idol” have some growing to do. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP FRENCHIE!

I cannot believe they kicked Frenchie off!!! That was the American Idol!!! She showed America that you don’t have to be a size 6 to be beautiful. And her voice is amazing.

Frenchie’s talent surpassed her past. Bring her back now!

Meanwhile, others see Frenchie’s ”Idol” ouster as a conspiracy, or at least a double standard:

Mother Hubbard:
It’s Orwell’s 1984; Frenchie has become an ”unperson.” There is no sign at Fox that she ever existed! This is even more egregious than the actual dismissal. It’s my firm belief that the producers felt Frenchie’s obvious superiority would remove all suspense from the competition and booted her to preserve the competitive edge and draw viewers.

The fact that Frenchie was eliminated for something that happened in her past and that no-talented Nikki McKibbin from the last ”AI” WAS ALLOWED TO STAY ON and made it to the top ten even though it was known she was a stripper in a bar at one time is ridiculous. But you know what? Frenchie has been seen and most definitely has been heard and she will make it fo’sho! Much success to you girlfriend; blow it up!

Frenchie Fan:
You would think that a network that airs shows like ”Joe Millionaire” and ”Celebrity Boxing” would not be offended about [Frenchie’s past].

Of course, there are a few people — very few — who support the network’s decision:

Way to go ”American Idol.” I for one, was rooting Frenchie on. She seemed to be the kind of singer I would have encouraged my eight year old daughter to listen to. However, I would have been more than a little upset, if after buying her CDs for my daughter, I had found out. I think our youth has an abundant number of bad influences. I think ”American Idol” producers are reminding people that although we all make mistakes, we mustn’t forget that we still have to suffer the consequences of our own poor judgment.

Amid all the Frenchie discussion, other fans led a lovefest for Ruben — who received almost unanimous praise. Though viewers also favor Kimberley, her sparring with Simon earned her both praise and a few scoldings:

”Kimberley, girl you got the voice. And about the attitude? You did go a little far, but you were right in bringing out the ‘tude; Simon needed it!!”

Kimberley’s fresh-mouthed comments to Simon just prove that she is on her way to becoming yet another obnoxious diva. Does she has something else in her bag of tricks other than ”Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? I think not. She will soon learn that she is not in Kansas anymore and that Simon was completely on the money about her 4.5 personality.

In fact, a small — but passionate — minority felt that Clay should have taken Kimberley’s spot, and they like Clay’s looks, despite what Simon says.

I’m hoping Clay makes the wildcard slot — after all, look at Jim Nabors – fabulous voice out of the most unlikely face — and Barry Manilow — not a pretty boy at all, but can he sing!!! Clay has the makings of a star, and his not-so-perfect face should not stand in his way.

Simon’s got a lot of nerve criticizing Clay’s ”look.” Did you see the guy who won Britain’s ”Pop Idol” last year? He looked even more anemic than Clay!

Ah, yes. In the end, it all comes down to bashing Simon, doesn’t it? One Frenchie fan says it all:


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