Now that the vibrato-voiced Utah teen is out of the competition, the posts on our message boards are gunning for Josh and Trenyce -- and cheering on Kim Locke

By EW Staff
Updated July 03, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Carmen’s gone, and readers say good riddance

Finally, you can stop razzing Miss Rasmusen: Carmen, also known on message boards as ”this year’s Nikki McKibbin” — i.e., the cutie-pie ”American Idol” contestant who somehow managed to stick around longer than other, stronger singers — is on her way back to Utah.

Tuesday’s Diane Warren-themed night ultimately did her in — and though a handful of you thought the judges (even Paula!) had been particularly harsh to the season’s youngest finalist, most agreed it was her time to go:

Just my humble opinion
Carmen should have been gone weeks ago. Randy, Paula and Simon were right on the money. She would be great in local theaters doing musicals, but needs a few years for her voice to mature.

How Carmen made it this far is beyond me. I truly believe that her entire state voted for her 3 times each.

I’m soo happy Carmen is gone…now we can get on with business.

But Carmen wasn’t the only one who deserved her bottom-three spot, according to most posters. Josh and Trenyce also took some heat on our boards:

Simon was right. It didn’t matter which order Carmen, Trenyce and Josh got eliminated, they haven’t proven they can run with Ruben, Clay and Kim L.

It’s too bad Trenyce can’t channel her past and steal some stage presence.

Josh, pants too small, voice too average. Trenyce, ego too big, voice too average.

Meanwhile, Kimberley’s closing the Locke on many readers’ hearts, easily taking over Trenyce’s spot as the female favorite:

Kimberley is this years Kelly Clarkson. Kelly started out under the radar last year and then blew everyone away at the end. Kimberley is doing the same thing!

Kim Locke was the only woman brave enough to get on stage with Frenchie, early in the series. Her vocals were just as strong. The other girls were wimps because they knew they would pale in comparison. Kim Locke deserves to win.

edna z
i would love to hear the song MR REDEEMER be sung by KIMBERLEY LOCKE.

Finally, seems like Simon’s assessment of Clay — that his voice screams ”Broadway,” not ”pop star” — is starting to make sense to many of you:

what’s so original about Clay?? He sounds like every other Broadway actor. Go listen to any Broadway CD and you’ll hear “Clay” on every track.

Still, one fan is sticking by her man, even if he’s destined for the stage, not the pop charts:

Who listens to anyone from Broadway??? Duhhh!!! Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, Toni Braxton, Jason Alexander, Joey Fatone, Anglea Lansbury, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Brightman, Rosie O’Donnell, Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta Jones..and the list goes on…

What do you think of ”American Idol”’s remaining contestants?

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