Princess Diana is Marvel's newest mutant heroine. She's back from the dead and hanging with an X-Men splinter group in a fall issue of ''X-Statix''

Credit: XStatix: © Marvel Comics

In real life, she fought AIDS and landmines; in her afterlife, she’s fighting ”mutant Euro-trash” with an offshoot of the X-Men. That’s the word from Marvel Comics, which has resurrected Princess Diana as a mutant heroine in an upcoming issue of the spoofy ”X-Statix” comic. Due for publication in September, the story is called ”Di Another Day.”

Written by Englishman Peter Milligan and drawn by Mike Allred, ”X-Statix” is a satire on celebrity culture starring the media-savvy mutants formerly known as X-Force. In Issue No. 13 of ”X-Statix,” Marvel says, ”Everyone’s favorite royal, Princess Diana, is back from the dead and on her comeback tour…and it’s up to the X-Statix to keep her alive!” The revived royal turns out to be a mutant herself — though Marvel won’t divulge what her superpower is — and she’s targeted by ”a nasty crew of mutant Euro-trash dead set on sending her back where she came from.” Says Milligan, ”Diana may not resemble the flying, lethally oscillating characters that populate my comic, but the strange power she exerts from beyond the grave certainly makes her a valid subject to explore.” Plus, he says, ”She looks great in Spandex!”

Buckingham Palace, naturally, is not amused. ”This is utterly appalling,” a royal spokesperson told the U.K.’s Daily Mail. ”It appears to be a cheap attempt to cash in on Diana’s fame.” To which Milligan’s mutants would probably reply, ”Duh.”