Madonna to hikers: Get off my lawn. She wins an ruling protecting her English estate from roving lookyloos

By Gary Susman
Updated July 02, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Madonna: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

There’s a new law in the U.K. granting hikers the ”right to roam” through open countryside, but that right stops near Madonna’s front door. The Material Mom won a ruling on Tuesday from the U.K. Countryside Agency protecting a 15-acre perimeter around Ashcombe House, the 19th-century mansion in Wiltshire that is her weekend home with filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie, from wandering stalkers and paparazzi.

Although she had written to Prime Minister Tony Blair expressing concern about a planned walkway near the home, the agency insisted she wasn’t given the star treatment, the Associated Press reports. In fact, she’s been unsuccessful in previous skirmishes with authorities over her privacy, having complained about low-flying aircraft and having been forced to remove 12-foot gates built without official approval. Of course, if the Ritchies really want to keep people away, they could put up a movie screen showing a continuous loop of ”Swept Away.”