Spike TV's appeal spiked in Spike Lee suit. An appeals court refuses to overturn an injunction against the TV network's name change

By Brian Hiatt
Updated June 30, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Revamped cable network TNN won’t be changing its name to Spike TV anytime soon. A state appeals court upheld a decision to block the name change until Spike Lee’s lawsuit against the network is resolved, according to the Associated Press. Lee’s suit claims that a TNN exec admitted in an interview that the director was an inspiration for the name. The new name was meant to go along with new programming targeted at young males, including the Pamela Anderson-starring cartoon ”Striperella.”

For now, the network is running ads identifying itself as ”The New TNN.” Its parent company, Viacom, has said that Lee’s lawsuit has already cost it $17 million. “This case is far from over,” TNN spokesman Robert Pini told AP. “We firmly believe that we have an absolute right to use the common word ‘spike’ to name our network.” Maybe — but not yet.