Mystikal cops a plea over sex attack. Accused of aggravated rape of his hairdresser, the rapper pleads guilty to a lesser charge

By Gary Susman
June 30, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Looks like Mystikal won’t be proving his gangsta cred in prison. The Dirty South rapper, who had been charged with aggravated rape for allegedly coercing his hairdresser to have sex with him and his two bodyguards, pleaded guilty to the lesser charges of extortion and sexual battery on Thursday, the Associated Press reports. In accordance with the plea deal, Mystikal was sentenced to five years probation on the extortion charge. He’ll be sentenced on the sexual battery charge on Sept. 25. Had he gone to trial on the aggravated rape charge, he could have been put behind bars for life.

The charges stem from an incident last July in which the 31-year-old ”Shake Ya Ass” rapper confronted the 40-year-old hairdresser and accused her of kiting his checks. He allegedly told her he wouldn’t turn her into the police if she would have sex with him and bodyguards Leland “Pokie” Ellis, 37, and Vercy “V” Carter, 35. Police later searched Mystikal’s apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and found a videotape of the sex acts.

The rapper (real name: Michael Tyler) initially pleaded innocent. His lawyer told AP that, while his client didn’t agree with all the charges, he now acknowledges that the sexual battery took place. As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors dropped extortion charges against Ellis and Carter, but they will also be sentenced for sexual battery on Sept. 25. After his court appearance Thursday in Baton Rouge, Mystikal said of the case, ”I’m glad that it’s getting behind me.”