Lil' Kim's jewels are recovered. The $250,000 worth of gems turn up in an airport employee locker room

By Gary Susman
Updated June 30, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Weep no more for Lil’ Kim; her $250,000 worth of jewels, missing for a week, turned up on Friday, the New York Post reports. The custom-made baubles were discovered by a United Airlines worker, who found them wrapped in a rag in an employee locker room at New York’s Kennedy Airport. ”I’m deeply gratified that Lil’ Kim’s unnerving experience has ended with the recovery of her irreplaceable jewelry,” her attorney, Mel Sachs, said in a statement. ”This was some ordeal to go through.”

The gems, part of a set of jewelry worth $500,000, had gone missing the previous Friday after a mix-up at the United counter sent the rapper’s carry-on Louis Vuitton bag into the checked baggage of her flight to Los Angeles. The bag was recovered before takeoff, but her signature necklace with a crowned ”B” (for her Queen Bee record label) and her diamond-studded dog tags had been removed. On Saturday, after the jewels were recovered, an airport spokesperson told the Associated Press that an investigation was continuing, and that no arrests had yet been made.