''Greek Wedding'' director takes on ''Fat Albert.'' Fox hires Joel Zwick to revive the long-stalled adaptation of the Cosby cartoon classic

By Gary Susman
Updated June 30, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Apparently, Joel Zwick will direct only movies that have the word ”fat” in the title. Coming off last year’s smash ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” Zwick is currently in talks with 20th Century Fox to revive the long-stalled adaptation of ”Fat Albert,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. If the studios ever decide to remake ”Fat City” or ”Fat Man and Little Boy,” Zwick’s their man.

Fox had been set to film the live-action version of ”Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” a year ago, with Omar Benson Miller cast in the lead, but the production was derailed by disagreements between director Forest Whitaker (”Waiting to Exhale”) and Bill Cosby, the movie’s producer and co-screenwriter and the creator of the Saturday morning cartoon classic. Once Zwick is on board, he’ll have to start casting from scratch, as it’s not clear whether Miller and the rest of Albert’s posse are still available. As for Whitaker, after his brief banishment to TV’s ”Twilight Zone,” he’s currently directing Katie Holmes in the romance ‘”First Daughter.”

Fat Albert

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