What's up with the "Wonder Woman" movie? A former "Smallville" writer is taking a shot at a script while producers seek a star

By Nancy Miller
Updated June 27, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Wonder Woman: The Everett Collection

Are cameras finally ready to roll on Warner Bros.’ film about the lasso-twirling Amazon? Producer Joel Silver, the man behind the ”Matrix,” recently hired former ”Smallville” writer-producer Philip Levens as screenwriter No. 4 for the project, in development for at least four years. Levens is taking his cues from the ’70s TV show, equipping Diana Prince’s alter ego with bulletproof bracelets and a boomerang tiara. Sandra Bullock has been considered in recent years, but now producer Leonard Goldberg (”Charlie’s Angels”) says that he’ll cast an actress ”in her early to mid-20s.” (Rumor has it ex-Slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar is hot for the part.) Levens expects ”Wonder Woman” to have a director and star within three months. First, he’ll have to see if his script takes flight like WW’s invisible jet.