By EW Staff
Updated June 27, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

A Dispatch From the IT Frontier

You are so jealous of me right now. Hitched a ride from L.A. on Tom’s jet. (He would not shut up, but the flight was free.) Anyway, just got this 17” PowerBook G4 (1), so I’m dropping you a line from the very swank penthouse at 60 Thompson. I’m sleeping in the same bed as Russell and Tobey! (Okay. So they’re not here right now. Details.) I’ve had nothing but gummy everything and Voss water all day, which explains recent sugar-fueled purchases. Am way bloated, but managed to squeeze into an Erickson Beamon beaded top (7). Could I be more Madonna? Especially with that red Noir bag (14). Did some serious credit damage: white Velcro Pumas (8), a Levi’s Type 1 jean jacket (20), red Converse high-tops (15), a Lotta cami (22), and these genius T-shirts by 2K (10) and Taavo (13). Got two dresses for that benefit later this month — the one to keep land mines away from starving mute kittens or whatever. The Jeremy Scott dress (11) says ”Tinseltown” on it, and the other is a total Sex and the City Patricia Field mini (25). Speaking of which, I finally figured out how to program SJP into my Palm Zire 71 (16), although I need to find out if her baby has a cell number yet to put into my new Motorola C350 (4). Ran into Gwyn and Keri on the elliptical machines at Equinox (12) this morning. I pretended to listen to my 20-gig iPod (9) so I could eavesdrop. How sad am I that I didn’t have my Nikon Coolpix SQ (17) with me? Oooh, speaking of, I attached some photos. Help me decide: Am I hotter in the Gucci (3) or Stella McCartney (26) shades? By the way, I literally had to get a Gravis suitcase (24) and a Coach tote (23) to haul my other purchases — Agent Provocateur lingerie (2), Paper Denim & Cloth jeans (21), Parcel DJ bag (6), Christian Joy stilettos (19), J&L books (5), and Borealis cuff (18). I just reread this and realized I’m sounding so shallow! Don’t worry. I’m feeding my mind as well. I’m on page 263 of Kabbalah for Dummies. LOVING it!