June 20, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Cult followers just couldn’t say enough about our Top 50 Cult Movies list (#711, May 23). ”EW has a talent for bringing out the complete dork in me,” confesses Saadia Billman of Brea, Calif. ”Your list had me up late, with so many ‘Eureka!’ moments that I had to take a sedative.” She wasn’t alone. We received more than 360 letters packed with praise, suggestions, and, naturally, a little scorn. ”Only seven of your top 50 were pre-1970 and only two pre-1950,” notes New York City’s Raven Snook. ”Cinema is 100 years old, ya know.” Of more concern, though, was this alarming theory. ”Owen Gleiberman reviewed The Matrix Reloaded as being ‘insanely pretentious,’ and having ‘gloppy metaphysical mumbo jumbo,’ yet he still gave it a B,” questions Matt Lehman of Boston. ”Perhaps he was replaced by an Agent Smith clone while uploading his review.” Someone get Neo on the line!

Cult Readers

Thanks to your Cult Movies list, I can finally justify to my wife the presence of This Is Spinal Tap, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Office Space, and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure in my DVD collection. Hopefully, you can work the other 178 titles that I have into other future special issues! CHRIS BRYANT cpbryant@earthlink.net Southfield, Mich.

Finally! A major industry magazine paying homage to the films that, in my humble opinion, are cinematic brilliance! Thank you for creating a fine collector’s issue with the Top 50 Cult Movies. Just one clarification: The signature line listed for The Warriors should have been the taunting, repetitive line muttered by the whacked-out gang leader ”Warriors, come out to plaaay.” This is the line that everyone identifies this movie with, and it’s been replicated numerous times in other films, music videos, etc. Can you dig it? FELICIA KELLEY TexFlea@aol.com Manassas, Va.

I enjoyed the Top 50 Cult Movies piece, but a couple of your signature lines were way off. Ask any fan of The Warriors what line they remember and it ain’t Cyrus’ ”Can… you…dig it?” It’s Luther’s singsong invitation ”Warriors, come out to plaaay.” And everyone knows the signature line from Evil Dead II is ”Groovy.” All in all, though, a groovy article. BOB FINGERMAN New York City

I was so glad to see your article about the continuing success of Office Space. There isn’t a day that goes by that the girls at work and I don’t quote Milton. Every time our copy machine jams we all burst into fits of laughter. Mike Judge should be proud of this film! It makes our workday go by much faster because we giggle about it all day. AMY DINGLE AmyWeez12@aol.com Middletown, Conn.

E-dub, thank you for giving Office Space its due. It’s no wonder it’s usually sold out at the stores that I work by. It truly is a word-of-mouth movie you can tell someone whining about their job to get out and rent or buy it…now! ORYAN TIDWELL Oryan315@aol.com Vancouver, Wash.

Great idea, Top 50 Cult Movies! A bit heavy on the slashers and gross-out pics, though, don’t you think? (Your staff may want to consider group therapy.) JOHN E. BUCKWALTER Lancaster, Pa.

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