June 20, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

When Dracula’s body is brought to a med-school coroner and is then discovered by a group of idiot students, what follows in this lame and unoriginal sequel is more laughable than scary. Dracula II — directed, as was its predecessor, Dracula 2000, by Patrick Lussier (who cut his horror teeth editing the Scream series) — is dripping with cliched scare tactics, from abandoned houses to bathtubs filled with blood. The death scenes are equally predictable, and the entire endeavor leaves one wondering why these kids would want to keep fidgeting with the undead. Guess they’ve never seen a vampire movie before. EXTRAS If you’re dying to see footage from London’s audition, then look further, because it’s nowhere to be found here, though you can spy some other no-namers’ tryouts. As if they weren’t bad enough in the actual film.

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