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Hugh Jackman Photograph by Martin Schoeller

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Image credit: Hugh Jackman Photograph by Martin Schoeller

IT Leading Man

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman made EW’s It List

Age 34

Why Him? Because not only can he wow audiences playing an angst-ridden mutant with retractable nine-inch adamantium claws but he can sing! And dance! Before his Hollywood breakthrough as Wolverine in the ”X-Men” movies — not to mention less sideburn-intensive parts in pictures like ”Someone Like You,” ”Swordfish,” and ”Kate & Leopold” — Jackman hoofed his way across the stage in his native Australia (as the villain in a Sydney production of ”Beauty and the Beast”) and London (in a 1998 revival of ”Oklahoma!”). He’ll make his Broadway debut this fall when he stars in ”The Boy From Oz,” a musical based on the life of the late Aussie showman and songwriter Peter Allen. ”Peter wasn’t the best singer or dancer in the world,” says Jackman, ”but he was galvanizing on stage.”

What He’s Doing Now After hosting the Tony Awards in New York in early June, he jetted back to L.A. to finish shooting ”Van Helsing,” the latest monster mash from ”The Mummy” director Stephen Sommers. ”I needed a man for the part, not a boy,” says Sommers, explaining why he cast Jackman as the film’s swaggering 19th-century vampire hunter (who also tangles with Frankenstein and the Wolf Man). ”And the only guys out there are either in their 20s or cost $15 million. Ewan McGregor and Viggo Mortensen were the only other possibilities, but they already have their big swashbuckling franchises.” Jackman, of course, also has a franchise of his own, but says the compelling story was reason enough to sign on for another. ”It’s very fantastical, but not completely unbelievable,” he says. ”And also, to be honest, my agents thought it was time I did [an action movie with my name] above the title.”

The Part That Got Away Jackman turned down Richard Gere’s role in ”Chicago.” ”I thought I was too young for the role,” he says. ”You have some 34-year-old guy up against Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger and it becomes a different movie. At one point Harvey [Weinstein, one of the film’s producers] was telling me they were thinking of Kevin Spacey, and I told him, ‘That’s exactly right. You should hire him.’ Then I was in New York when the movie opened and the queue was around the block. I sat down and thought that I had probably made the biggest mistake. But I still honestly think that it was the right thing for me to do. I still think I was too young for that part.”

One Part He Probably Should Have Turned Down ”The worst job I ever had was when I was 21 and I worked for the National Parks and Wildlife Foundation in Australia,” he recalls. ”Half the time I dressed up as a ranger, and the other half I dressed up as a six-foot koala bear. Cooee Koala, I was called. I’d go around the parks and hand out leaflets. It was so hot in that koala suit, I lost track of how many times I passed out.”

Best Advice ”Trevor Nunn, who directed me in two musicals, told me three key things to do in your career. First, never do it for the money because that’s the road to doom. Second, do as little press as possible. And third…um, what was the third thing he said? I had it in my mind a second ago. It must have been pretty amazing but I just can’t remember at the moment.”

Image credit: Eva Mendes Photograph by Sheryl Nields

IT Hot-Rodder

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes made EW’s It List

Age 26

Why Her? The Miami-born actress revs Paul Walker’s engine as an undercover agent in this summer’s adrenaline-fest ”2 Fast 2 Furious,” and then speeds into three films this fall.

On Risk Taking ”I do nothing extreme,” she says. ”For some reason, bungee jumping and that kind of stuff just looks stupid.”

Role Model Jack Nicholson. ”When you’re his age and you still have younger girls thinking you’re hot, I mean, that’s sexy,” says the Revlon model.

Dream Collaborator George Clooney. ”He’s opinionated, cerebral, and witty…not to mention incredibly handsome!”

Next Starring roles in ”Once Upon a Time in Mexico” with Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp (September), ”Out of Time” alongside her ”Training Day” costar Denzel Washington (October), and the Farrelly brothers’ ”Stuck on You” (December).

Image credit: Mandy Moore Photograph by Sheryl Nields

IT Crossover

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore made EW’s It List

Age 19

Why Her? Legions of too-cool Gen-Yers no doubt have at least one album by Kelly Osbourne’s bosom buddy (and MTV’s favorite daughter) hiding in their White Stripes-infested record collections. And — sorry, Ms. Spears — Moore is a promising actress with no fewer than five films lined up for release.

Role Model Bette Midler. ”She’s a household name who’s stayed true to who she is. And ”Beaches”! I mean…I’m gonna, like, tie my boyfriend [tennis player Andy Roddick] down and make him watch it.”

Blond Unambition The natural blonde garnered plenty of attention — and a career boost — with her brown-out for last year’s ”A Walk to Remember.” ”I’ll never go blond again…. As cheesy and insignificant as it is to say that you’ve found yourself in a new hair color, it’s the truth.”

Next July’s ”How to Deal” and the Michael Stipe-produced ”Saved,” along with a pivotal role in Wes Craven’s latest horror flick, ”Cursed.” Plus there’s a tribute to her musical forebears: Her October album, ”Coverage,” features takes on songs by XTC and Cat Stevens.

Image credit: Josh Lucas Photograph by Tony Duran

IT Heartthrob

Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas made EW’s It List

Age 31

Why Him? With the bluest eyes since Paul Newman and charisma to match, the Arkansas native has managed to steal his scenes in ”A Beautiful Mind” and ”Sweet Home Alabama” away from his more famous costars. It’s no wonder A-list directors (Ron Howard, Ang Lee, Lasse Hallström) are lining up to work with the guy.

Why He Likes His Dark Side ”I can be a somewhat prickly person,” says Lucas, who plays the heavy in ”The Hulk” and an ex-con in ”Undertow,” directed by heralded young auteur David Gordon Green (”All the Real Girls”). ”I think I work a lot of that stuff out in my characters so I don’t have to have it as strongly in my life.”

Formative Experience His antinuke-activist parents traveled from town to town, setting up organizations and protests. Consequently, young Josh evolved into a chameleon. ”I’d lie in bed the night before starting a new school and literally choose who I wanted to be — jock, nerd, whatever. I’m not terribly comfortable about that, looking back on it,” says Lucas. Getting into acting gave him an outlet for his self-diagnosed ”schizophrenia.”

Hobbies Soccer, sailing, and a weekly card game with some Southern friends. ”But I feel hobby-weak,” he laughs.

Next After criminal turns in ”Undertow” and ”Wonderland,” Lucas will play a romantic leading man opposite J. Lo in Hallström’s ”An Unfinished Life,” due next year.

Image credit: Lisa Marie Presley Photograph by Martin Schoeller

IT Offspring

Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley made EW’s It List

Age 35

Why Her? The pundits and playa hatas had the knives out for Elvis’ only daughter. But her hit debut CD, ”To Whom It May Concern” — released this spring after years of false starts — has gotten its fair share of respect, begrudging or otherwise.

Hitting the Ground Rocking Her first gigs were industry showcases, and the next were radio-station shows in venues like Giants Stadium, so ”there was really no runway,” she says. ”But I’m getting more at ease. The [VH1] ‘Divas’ thing was probably the most stressful, because it was live, and I’m brand-new on the scene, and white, and wondering why am I here with these amazing singers?”

Yes, Why? ”Because it was cool to throw the rock element in there and break it up a bit, and then [duet] with Pat [Benatar], who was a huge influence on me as a kid.”

Another Unexpected Influence ”Oddly enough, the biggest impact on my life musically has been Pink Floyd. Those songs never, ever go away. That’s all I wanted to project — something timeless.”

Gossip Hounds, Beware ”I understand that people want to place whoever with whichever song. But there are people out there — thank God — who are just listening to the songs, not going ‘Is this about [ex-husband] Nic [Cage]? Is this about [ex-husband] Michael [Jackson]?’ That’s expecting a lot, but I know those fans are out there. I’ve met them.”

Next A summer tour with Chris Isaak.

Image credit: Orlando Bloom Photograph by Anthony Mandler

IT Elf

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom made EW’s It List

Age 26

Why Him? As flowy-haired archer elf Legolas in ”The Lord of the Rings,” he managed to spear the hearts of thousands of teenage maidens around the world…even though he was sharing most of his scenes with babe magnet Viggo Mortensen. And although his breakthrough role came just two years ago, he’s already had the opportunity to work with such heavyweights as Peter O’Toole, Julie Christie, and Geoffrey Rush. (Did we mention that FABULOUS hair?)

Influences Paul Newman, Daniel Day-Lewis, and his ”Pirates of the Caribbean” costar Johnny Depp. ”They raise the bar, do you know what I mean?” says Bloom. ”I admire how they’ve developed their careers.”

If He Weren’t Acting, He’d Be… Sculpting. SCULPTING? ”I did better in sculpture exams for A-levels than I did in theater studies,” he says. ”My mum is always going, ‘Just keep up the sculpture, darling’ — she’s convinced she’s gonna have a little shop somewhere and sell my sculptures someday.”

And When He Isn’t Sculpting or Acting, He’s… Indulging his inner news junkie. ”You go into a bit of a cocoon when you work and you kind of forget about the world outside.”

Worst Job ”I was a clay [pigeon] trapper,” he says. ”You know when you go shooting and the ceramic disks fly out and you shoot them? I was the guy who pulled the trap and let it go…I always wanted to be the shooter.”

Next This summer Bloom is featured in ”Pirates of the Caribbean”; next year he’ll work opposite Heath Ledger and Rush in the Australian crime drama ”Ned Kelly” and with Brad Pitt in Wolfgang Petersen’s ”Troy.”

Image credit: Queen Latifah: Carlo Dalla Chiesa/Corbis Outline

IT Royalty

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah made EW’s It List

Age 33

Why Her? After more than a decade in TV and movies, the rap artist took command of the screen in ”Chicago” and — in the time it took to belt out ”When You’re Good to Mama” — forced audiences to see her again for the first time. An Oscar nomination and a leading role in ”Bringing Down the House” were just icing on the cake.

Best Job ”’Saturday Night Live.’ You have no idea how intense it is to do that show. You’ve got a minute and 30 seconds to change from one costume to the next. You’ve got four people tugging on you, putting a wig on you, and then you’re running to another set.”

Worst Advice ”Anytime somebody told me I had to take my clothes off to do something, that’s bulls—. Maybe I’ll show a little cleave, but I’m not getting naked…. And anyone who told me to lose weight, they can pretty much kiss my ass, because I look like real people. When I look at the rooms I’ve been in, the Golden Globes and the Oscars, I feel like I’ve come a long way to be a normal girl in this business.”

Next An album due this year, ”First Love”; a cameo in ”Barbershop 2,” which will be a launching pad for her own movie, ”Beauty Shop.”

Image credit: Antonio Banderas Photograph by Robert Maxwell

IT Ingenue

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas made EW’s It List

Age 42

Why Him? Banderas was one ”Femme Fatale” away from silver-screen oblivion (see wicked parody on ”Saturday Night Live”)…until he stepped on stage at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre and reinvented himself as a Broadway leading man. As star of the musical ”Nine,” he’s racked up awards (Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle) and accolades (a Tony nomination) for his turn as Guido Contini, an Italian film director surrounded — and suffocated — by 16 women.

Shuffling Off to Buffalo ”You should have seen me [at] the premiere. I wanted to escape — I mean literally run, run, run. Exactly like Guido.”

There Is Nothin’ Like a Dame Banderas’ costars include Chita Rivera, Jane Krakowski, and a slew of other musical-theater veterans. ”So they have a lot of talent,” he says.

Encore, Encore! ”I don’t want to be a movie actor who comes to Broadway, makes an entrance, puts a flag, goes away, and doesn’t come back,” says Banderas, contemplating a Great White Way return.

His Fair Lady While he admires ”typical Broadway actors” like Bernadette Peters and Nathan Lane, he really wants to costar with someone he knows a little better: ”I want to work with my wife [Melanie Griffith] on Broadway!”

Next HBO’s ”And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself” (airing in September); filming the sequel to ”The Mask of Zorro” — ”everybody would be back except for Anthony Hopkins, who got killed in the original”; and a movie with Pedro Almodóvar, their first collaboration in 13 years.

Image credit: Kate Bosworth Photograph by James White

IT Everywhere

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth made EW’s It List

Age 20

Why Her? She may look like Malibu Barbie (which served her well when she starred in last summer’s ”Blue Crush”), but don’t be fooled by the surfer-girl facade. This chick has the range to pull off playing a porn star’s teenage girlfriend (opposite Val Kilmer in this summer’s ”Wonderland”), a horny coed in last fall’s ”The Rules of Attraction”…and will likely play squeaky-clean Sandra Dee to Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin in ”Beyond the Sea.”

If She Weren’t Acting, She’d Be… A teacher. ”Making an impact on someone’s life so young is so important,” she says. Just don’t ask her for help with algebra. ”I was really horrible at math.”

Best Party Trick ”I have this habit of rubbing my ears when I’m really tired or I’m thinking,” she explains. ”So all the cartilage is sort of broken up in the top of my ear. It’s really soft, so I can put my entire ear inside of my ear and it’ll stay there for a minute and I can flick it out with my head.” We’re sure elfin beau Orlando Bloom appreciates that.

Next Shooting the romantic comedy ”Win a Date With Tad Hamilton.”

Image credit: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Pieter van Hattem/CPI


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs made EW’s It List

Ages (From left) Brian Chase, 25; Karen O, 24; Nick Zinner, 28

Why Them? Two years is a long time to haul around a load of hype as colossal as the one that greeted these New York City art-punks’ five-song EP. The backlash should be in full flower by now — except their debut full-length album, ”Fever to Tell” (released in April), is fantastic: not just ”sleazy, sweaty, and dancey” (as O describes the band’s early stuff) but unexpectedly melancholy and gut-wrenching.

Innocence of Youth ”[Going to school in the Midwest] makes you want to burn down houses and write songs about it,” says O.

Sign of Impending Maturity ”[The album begins as] a really sort of gleeful, self-destructive kind of thing — having a good time and partying,” she says. ”The second part is, like, more about…the morning after. Maybe you feel a little bit lonely, or a little bit empty.”

Then Again… ”We were playing this small venue, and all these middle-aged, overweight guys with baseball caps on backwards were cheering when I was pouring [beer] on my chest. I was like, ‘I don’t know about this. Maybe I can only pull this off in the big cities.”’

Next Touring Europe and writing material. ”If we don’t have a new song every month,” says O, ”it just feels really stagnant.”

Image credit: Frenchie Photograph by Gillian Laub

IT Bootee

Frenchie Davis

Frenchie Davis made EW’s It List

Age 24

Why Her? Her funkalicious performance of ”And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” was the highlight of ”American Idol 2.” And her expulsion from the show over naughty Net pics made America turn pro-French: An online petition to keep Frenchie on ”Idol” garnered more signatures than an antiwar effort. Now the Howard student has hit Broadway, where, in the ensemble of ”Rent,” she tears into the anthem ”Seasons of Love.”

Free of False Modesty ”I’m a great singer. I’m not a bad actress. I move very well…. And you can’t help but like me, even if you’re trying not to.”

Fashion Statement ”Opening night of ”Rent,” I saw so many ‘Save Frenchie’ T-shirts. The drawing looks just like me! We need to find the artist and work a deal out, because those shirts are off the hook.”

No Idol Time on Her Hands ”’American Idol’…may have made my success happen faster, but trust me: As determined as I was, I was going to be successful regardless.”

Next After a six-month stint in ”Rent” (in no particular order): graduation, recording an album, and law school.

Pardon Her French ”Nobody can f— with my money if I have a law degree.”

Image credit: Travis Fimmel: David Tsay/Corbis Outline

IT Man of Few Words

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel made EW’s It List

Age 23

Why Him? It wasn’t enough that the Calvin Klein model’s print ads — that hair! those abs! — landed him a permanent spot on cubicle walls nationwide. Now the Australian-born Fimmel has snagged the dialogue-light lead role in The WB’s fall drama ”Tarzan and Jane” with nary an acting gig under his elastic waistband.

Creative Crutch ”I need to have a few drinks. The photo shoots are wack, man!”

And the Libation of Choice Would Be… ”I’m not picky.”

On the Dating Life of a Pinup ”Ah, f—, man, I hate these questions. It can go both ways. It’s harder. At the same time, I get laid more.”

Something We’d Be Surprised to Hear About Him ”Nothing, really.”

Number of Times He Hits the Gym a Week ”I don’t go to the gym.”

He’s Lying, Right? ”No! I haven’t gone since I was about 17.”

So, What’s the Secret? ”That’s a good question, man.”

Boxers or Briefs? ”Let’s go back to ‘Tarzan,’ man.”

Next ”Tarzan”’s first season.

Image credit: Paris Hilton: Victor Spinelli/

IT Rich B*tch

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton made EW’s It List

Age 22

Why Her? You know you’ve spent countless hours devouring delectable tabloid rumors about the hotel heiress’ exploits. Now she’s ditching her Juicy sweat suits and her juicy club life to live seriously small with best buddy Nicole Richie in ”The Simple Life,” Fox’s reality riff on ”Green Acres.”

Role Model ”Cameron Diaz. She’s, like, one of the prettiest actresses, and yet she’s hysterical. I like when a pretty girl can be funny.”

Best Job ”I never had a job.”

Addiction ”I love going to pet stores, but I always end up with a dog. I have eight dogs [with names like Prada and Dolce], but they’re all over the Hamptons with my family.”

Worst Decision ”Some girl in my sixth-grade class was like, ‘Dye your hair black.’ I changed it after, like, one day, but then my hair was fried because it was dyed black and blond again.”

Best Advice ”My dad and mom always tell me to be humble and treat people like they want to be treated, even if they’re being mean. If you’re nice to them, they feel bad for having said something bad about you.”

Next Getting dirt under her manicured nails on Fox.

Image credit: Paul Rudd Photograph by Michael Lewis

IT 7th Friend

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd made EW’s It List

Age 34

Why Him? He romanced our favorite Friend, Phoebe, in the show’s best plotline this season, while maintaining big-screen indie cred in Neil LaBute’s ”The Shape of Things.”

…And Because He’s Modest ”Joining ‘Friends’ was terrifying. It was a convention that I was unfamiliar with, and it was a show that the entire world was superfamiliar with. People in Bangladesh have seen it.”

Friend He’d Most Like to Date ”Gunther,” says the hetero, but homo-friendly, Rudd (see ”The Object of My Affection”).

Okay, But Technically Gunther’s Not a Friend ”Phoebe. I like her eccentricity, her free spirit.”

Worst Job Costarring in an educational film about sexual molestation. ”The director wanted to do a take where I talk about Jesus — all of this was kept from me when I signed on. I wouldn’t do it, and he threw the ‘You’ll never work in this town again.’ I’m Jewish — I’m not going to say that stuff.”

Influences ”I’d like to have the acting equivalent of Elvis Costello’s or Tom Waits’ career — navigating a life where art and commerce don’t have to go together.”

More Lowbrow, Please ”A few months ago a buddy said, ‘Let’s watch ”American Idol”.’ I wound up almost being late for my flight. I got totally sucked in.”

Next At least five episodes of ”Friends” in the fall.

What We’d Like to See Next A reunion with ”Clueless” costar Alicia Silverstone on her new NBC show, ”Miss Match.” ”Yeah,” Rudd says. ”I’d do that.”

Image credit: George Eads Photograph by Emily Shur

IT CSI (Certifiably Sexy Individual)

George Eads

George Eads made EW’s It List

Age 36

Why Him? After languishing in flops like The WB’s ”Savannah” and CBS’ short-lived ”Grapevine,” the square-jawed Texan (hey, ”Batman 5” producers: look no further) is now hands down the coolest cat on ”CSI.”

Favorite Actor ”Brad Pitt’s the s—. Quit playa-hatin’! Brad Pitt is the man, period. I give it up.”

Worst Job ”I got caught shoplifting a cap gun at a TG&Y [discount store] when I was a kid. So I had to work there for free for a couple weeks. One night the boss gave me a metal scraper and he said, ‘See all that gum on the floor?”’

If He Weren’t Acting, He’d Be… ”Working for Marvel as a comic-book artist.”

Addiction ”Velveeta cheese. ‘Cause if you mix it with Ro*Tel [canned tomatoes] you can make some mean queso.”

Knew He’d Made It When… ”I was deep, deep, deep in the rain forest in Spain, and these two old ladies were looking in the souvenir window and they didn’t speak a word of English, and they said ‘CSI’ and pointed at me.”

Next More fun with cadavers on season 4 of ”CSI.”

Image credit: Keira Knightley: Sarah Dunn/CPI/K2

IT ‘Pirates’ Beauty

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley made EW’s It List

Age 18

Why Her? After taking headers in the sleeper hit ”Bend It Like Beckham,” the English actress traded in her soccer shorts for something more, uh, constricting — that corset she keeps griping about in the trailer for July’s ”Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”

Crimes of Fashion While she had to don ridiculous headgear to play Queen Amidala’s doppelgänger in ”The Phantom Menace,” Knightley says the tummy tightener she tied on in ”Pirates” was particularly obnoxious. ”I nearly passed out,” she says. ”There was one scene I had to walk down some stairs and Gore [Verbinski], the director, started seeing my eyes rolling back in my head. He told me to go outside and take the corset off and get some air.”

Who Should Play Her in ”The Keira Knightley Story”? ”Jim Carrey,” she deadpans. ”He’d look great as me in drag. I mean, he can play everything so well…and he has great legs.”

Favorite Act of Civil Disobedience ”I paint boots,” she says. Seriously. ”I think my brother’s not very happy with me at the moment because he stupidly left a pair lying about, and I’ve painted sunflowers all over them.”

Next A supporting role in November’s Hugh Grant romantic comedy ”Love Actually”; sharpening her sword-fighting skills to play Guinevere in the upcoming ”King Arthur.”

Image credit: Sticky Fingaz: Anthony Cutajar/LFI

IT Hip-Hop Thespian

Sticky Fingaz

Sticky Fingaz made EW’s It List

Age Late 20s

Why Him? The rapper-turned-actor burned up the screen this past season with powerful roles on ”Platinum” and ”The Shield.”

Rapping or Acting? ”I think acting might last longer because I can’t be 50 years old, on stage rapping, diving in the crowd, and having people slam-dance.”

Worst Job ”I was 13, and you had to be 15 or 16 to get a job [at McDonald’s], so my mom taught me how to forge a birth certificate to make myself appear older. It was cool because I got to give all my friends free burgers.”

If He Weren’t Acting/Rapping, He’d Be… A con man. ”Some George Clooney con-man-type s—. I always wanted to rob a bank, too. Like I could have a million dollars, and still [do it] just for the fun of it. Hopefully nobody would get hurt…. Maybe I watch too many movies or something.”

Next His album with the group Onyx, ”Triggernometry: The Study of Guns,” will be out in July; more episodes of ”The Shield.”

Image credit: Michael Vartan Photograph by Sheryl Nields

IT Undercover Lover

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan made EW’s It List

Age 34

Why Him? Vartan’s studly yet sensitive portrayal of agent Michael Vaughn on ABC’s wham-bam-glam spy drama ”Alias” has viewers fantasizing about having him as their personal ”handler.” The French-born actor is even man enough to admit that he had no frickin’ clue what happened on the show’s complicated finale. ”I was like, Oh, my God, what the hell is going on NOW? They’re chasing WHO to get WHAT?”

If He Weren’t Acting, He’d Be… ”It would definitely have to be something that doesn’t require a diploma, because I don’t have one.”

Worst Job Vartan would rather undergo teeth-pulling torture than cough up the movie responsible for ”the worst experience I’ve ever had.” (His big-screen résumé includes ”The Pallbearer,” ”Never Been Kissed,” and a direct-to-video romance called ”It Had to Be You.”) But he adds: ”The finished product was probably the worst movie ever made by any human being.”

Why He Might Want to Invest in a Mr. Coffee When dealing with fans, Vartan says, ”There are times when it gets a little out of control, like if you’re at Starbucks and there’s a group of 15-year-old girls. [There’s] pictures and autographs and a lot of loud giggling. It’s fine, but before you’ve had your coffee at 8 o’clock in the morning — oh, boy.”

Next During his ”Alias” hiatus Vartan hopes to squeeze in a lot of pickup hockey and guitar playing (he writes his own songs). He also plans to find a new house, a new car, and a dog — either ”a mutt with floppy ears” or a Labrador.

Image credit: Bob Guiney Photograph by Erin Patrice O’Brien

IT Thinking Woman’s Bachelor

Bob Guiney

Bob Guiney made EW’s It List

Age 32

Why Him? Firedude Ryan may have won the heart of the Bachelorette, but he’s got nothing on this formerly pudgy, musical, self-deprecating, funny, intelligent heartthrob for smart women. (ABC apparently agrees: It tapped Guiney as the next Bachelor.)

What’s Up With Those Ripped Abs? ”I shed 40 pounds from the time I was on [‘The Bachelorette’]. I look in the mirror and say, ‘Thank God I can fit into all my clothes again.’ Hopefully some women will find me sexy.”

Best Revenge ”Out of college my band got signed, but a few years ago we were dropped by our label. Now all these people I couldn’t get to call me back, I’m pretty much on their speed dial.”

Favorite Reality TV Personality ”Darva Conger, of course. Just kidding. I really liked Teck from ‘The Real World.’ I thought he was hilarious.”

Next Searching for his soul mate on national television.

Image credit: Dave Grohl: Anton Corbijn

IT Renaissance Dude

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl made EW’s It List

Age 34

Why Him? As frontman for the Foo Fighters and part-time drummer for Queens of the Stone Age, Killing Joke, Cat Power, and, for all we know, YOUR band, the former Nirvana timekeeper may be the busiest man in rock — and is definitely one of the funniest. Playing ”London Calling” at the Grammys’ Clash tribute alongside Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello only confirmed Grohl’s hard-won place among rock royalty.

Moment of Ubiquity ”It was strange for about a month there, where I’d turn on the radio and hear ‘All My Life’ from the new Foo Fighters record, then change the channel and hear ‘You Know You’re Right’ from the Nirvana thing, then hear ‘No One Knows’ from Queens of the Stone Age. I started to feel like the alternative-rock P. Diddy. [BELCHES] Which is a little frightening.”

Favorite Band Fellow It Listers My Morning Jacket.

Notes on the Boss ”He’ll laugh at anything. Like, ‘Hey, Bruce, your shoe’s untied.’ Ahahahah!! For someone who seems like he’s bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders, he’s, like, the happiest dude I’ve ever met in my life.”

Next An August marriage to TV producer Jordyn Blum. A ”full-on instrumental band” (in the jazz-punk vein of Black Flag side project Gone) with Foo drummer Taylor Hawkins and producer Nick Raskulinecz. And the long-awaited release of the Probot album, on which Grohl plays all instruments and cedes vocals to luminaries like Motörhead’s Lemmy and Sepultura’s Max Cavalera.