Paris Hilton

By EW Staff
Updated June 19, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Paris Hilton: Victor Spinelli/

Paris Hilton made EW’s It List

Age 22

Why Her? You know you’ve spent countless hours devouring delectable tabloid rumors about the hotel heiress’ exploits. Now she’s ditching her Juicy sweat suits and her juicy club life to live seriously small with best buddy Nicole Richie in ”The Simple Life,” Fox’s reality riff on ”Green Acres.”

Role Model ”Cameron Diaz. She’s, like, one of the prettiest actresses, and yet she’s hysterical. I like when a pretty girl can be funny.”

Best Job ”I never had a job.”

Addiction ”I love going to pet stores, but I always end up with a dog. I have eight dogs [with names like Prada and Dolce], but they’re all over the Hamptons with my family.”

Worst Decision ”Some girl in my sixth-grade class was like, ‘Dye your hair black.’ I changed it after, like, one day, but then my hair was fried because it was dyed black and blond again.”

Best Advice ”My dad and mom always tell me to be humble and treat people like they want to be treated, even if they’re being mean. If you’re nice to them, they feel bad for having said something bad about you.”

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