Jane Fonda comes out of retirement for J. Lo. Lopez's comedy ''Monster-in-Law'' may mark the Oscar winner's first movie since 1990

By Gary Susman
Updated June 18, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Jane Fonda: M. Brown/Getty Images/NewsCom

At age 65, when a lot of people begin retirement, Jane Fonda wants to come out of hers. According to Variety, she’s in talks with producers of two high-profile projects for possible costarring roles. One is ”Monster-in-Law,” the New Line comedy being developed for Jennifer Lopez, in which Fonda would play the in-law from hell who torments J. Lo as her son’s fiancée. The other is ”Elizabethtown,” the upcoming comedy from writer/director Cameron Crowe (”Vanilla Sky”), a twentysomething ensemble piece along the lines of his ”Singles” that will star Kirsten Dunst. (We’re guessing that Fonda isn’t one of the twentysomethings.) Either movie would mark her first acting job in at least 13 years, since she starred opposite Robert De Niro in 1990’s ”Stanley & Iris.”

The two-time Oscar winner spoke of her decision to return to acting in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution a couple weeks ago. ”The minute I made the decision, something deep inside me just opened up. I am going to have so much fun,” she said. ”I’m all revved up about going back to work, but that doesn’t mean anyone else is going to be particularly excited. Someone showed me an episode of ‘Six Feet Under,’ where the mother is admitting to her gay son that, when she was his age, ‘I had a thing for Jane Fonda.’ So I called up my agent and I said, talk to the producer and tell him to write a cameo for me to come on as her lesbian fantasy. That was seven months ago. I haven’t heard a thing.”