Farrelly brothers plan Fox sitcom -- They plan a ''Curb Your Enthusiasm'' type show about a real-life disgruntled screenwriter

By Gary Susman
Updated June 16, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Gross-out comedy kings Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the filmmakers behind classically stoopid fare from ”Dumb and Dumber” to ”Shallow Hal,” are taking their act to the small screen. According to Variety they’re producing a ”Curb Your Enthusiam”-like sitcom for Fox built around Ricky Blitt, the screenwriter of the brothers’ upcoming movie ”The Ringer.”

Blitt hopes to play himself, a telemarketer turned screenwriter whose bitterness is untarnished by his burgeoning career. As Blitt told Variety, ”It’s about someone who’s making money and meeting a lot of famous people, but he’s still not getting laid.” Peter Farrelly describes the show as ”’Curb Your Enthusiasm’ before Larry David made it. This is [David] coming up, and not as handsome.”

How did Blitt get a pilot commitment from the Fox network and producers 20th Century Television? ”I slept with [Fox and 20th executives] Sandy Grushow, Gail Berman, Dana Walden, and Gary Newman, all at the same time,” he told Variety. ”Not to bite the hand that feeds me, but I was by far the most generous in bed.” Actually, Blitt pitched his idea for the show, tentatively titled ”Who the Hell Is Ricky Blitt?”, to the Farrellys, who are producing ”The Ringer,” his screenplay about two guys who try to pay off a debt by fixing the Special Olympics. Also, Blitt wrote scripts for Fox’s ”Family Guy.”

The pilot script involves Blitt developing a crush on the Farrelly’s ”There’s Something About Mary” star, Cameron Diaz, though Variety reports that the brothers haven’t approached her yet about a guest spot. More likely, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the show’s celebrity presence will be a ’70s sitcom star like Henry Winkler, who actually once gave Blitt some dating advice. Hey, who wouldn’t watch this show, just to get dating tips from the Fonz?