Eminem's ex-wife is arrested. Cops discover a suspicious white powder in Kimberly Mathers' car

By Liane Bonin
Updated June 12, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Kim Mathers and Eminem: Henry McGee/Globe Photos

Kimberly Mathers, 28, the ex-wife of rapper Eminem, was arrested Tuesday morning when police discovered two bags of an unnamed white powder in her Cadillac Escalade. This was not a good week to be Kimberly Mathers. Earlier it was reported that Mathers was once again on the outs with the Oscar winner, ending a brief reconciliation between the frequently unhappy couple. Mathers is currently free pending charges.

Police in St. Clair Shores, a suburb 15 miles north of Detroit, discovered a Ziploc baggie of white powder in the vehicle’s glove compartment, while a second was found ”within her property.” That mysterious powder is currently being tested at a Michigan State Police crime lab, but Mathers’ history suggests it isn’t her 7-year-old daughter Hailie’s old baby powder. Mathers was arrested in July 2001 for felony cocaine possession, though the charges were later dismissed.

Interestingly, Mathers and Eminem (who divorced in 2001) reportedly split most recently over her fears that Hailie would be endangered by her dad’s ongoing rap feud with Ja Rule, during which the grade-schooler has contributed her voice to some tracks. No word yet on whether Eminem considers a potential cocaine bust to be a bad influence on her daughter, but we’ll probably hear all about it on his next record.