By EW Staff
Updated June 06, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Wokka-wokka, wokka-wokka, Pac-Man! Readers gave high scores to X2 and our list of the 100 Greatest Videogames (#709, May 9), but the exclusion of some faves from the package left many demanding a free replay. ”I don’t know how you can have a top 100 without the one that broke the adventure-game mold, Myst,” says Seattle’s Angela Ribble. Blame this Myst-step on our panel of hardcore gamers, who deemed the 1993 game too low-tech to compete in the fast-paced arcade world. ”The glaring omission of Pac-Man makes me question the list’s credibility,” claims David Houff of Virginia Beach, Va. Sorry, but Ms. Pac-Man (No. 19) munched up the honor for earning more dough and featuring better mazes. But listen up, Pac fans: Nintendo just announced a new version of Pac-Man that will let players compete as the yellow chomper or one of the ghosts on his tail. Ready, set, gobble!

‘X2’ Good to Be True

Thanks for your x-cellent X2 issuethe cover alone was worth the price. It’s obvious that Marvel’s recent big-screen adaptations have struck a nice balance between comic-geek purism and the broader needs of the general populace…but, man, does the new Hulk look silly. The real green monster is the truckloads of cash these movies are raking in. MARK GUILLORY Harvey, La.

Well, it happened again. Your cover featured X2, and I got so excited, I couldn’t wait to read the article and enjoy the photos; then I went to the theater and was completely bored by the movie! Since there will obviously be an X3, I should just enjoy your articles and leave well enough alone. MARSELUS MARTIN Montgomery, Ill.

If you dig deep down inside, you’ll know I’m correct in pointing out that X2 is merely a shell of its original. The story was soppy; of course, it’s always difficult to do a good story with so many characters. And Hugh Jackman’s screen presence was lacking that magical quality he had from the first film. CRAIG REID Los Angeles

Videogame Vanguard

Having wasted the better part of my youth and adult life playing vids, your list of the 100 Greatest Videogames vindicated me. While I may have lost several girlfriends and countless hours of sleep by playing Madden, GTA III, and Medal of Honor, I know now it was not in vain. Thank you, EW, for giving me the redemption I’ve been seeking the past 20 years. RON M. WEBER San Diego

It says that your criteria are replayability, pop-cultural importance, and impact. So why isn’t Pong on your list? LEONARD HERMAN Springfield, N.J.

What about Parappa The Rapper? I haven’t been so addicted to a game since Tetris and Mario Party 3. ”In the rain or in the snow/Got the got the funky flow!” NICOLE STATON Sicklerville, N.J.

…Tecmo Super Bowl for Nintendo? The close-ups, the horrendous defensive coverages, the absurdly fast Bo Jackson, and the impossible-to-tackle Christian Okoye make this hands down the best football videogame ever. PAUL KARAVIS Stony Brook, N.Y.