McG may be back as ''Superman'' director. The ''Charlie's Angels'' helmer says he's close to signing and has three potential stars in mind
Credit: McG: Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press/Newscom

If he can revive Demi Moore’s career, why not Superman’s? McG, who directed Moore’s comeback attempt in the soon-to-be-released ”Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,” has told a British interviewer that he’s ”this close” to signing on to direct Warner Bros. long-stalled ”Superman.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, McG told the interviewer he even has three possible actors in mind to play the Man of Steel, though he declined to identify them, saying only that ”the movie is the star.”

It’s issues of casting that have, in large measure, kept the film from being made for so long. McG had been attached to direct the movie a year ago before Warners signed ”Rush Hour” director Brett Ratner. But Ratner, the studio, and the leading men on his wish list — from Josh Hartnett and Brendan Fraser to little-known soap performer Matthew Bomer — couldn’t come to an agreement. (The commitment to star in at least two sequels over the next decade was a sticking point for a number of actors. In March, Ratner quit. McG’s comment, however, suggests he may be leaning as Ratner did toward casting someone not yet famous, who won’t bring a lot of baggage — or high salary demands — to the role.

Meanwhile, other stories are emerging about the struggle to get the film off the ground. A story in this month’s Esquire magazine says that Ratner and producer Jon Peters were at such odds (mostly over the ballooning budget, the article says) that their dispute almost turned deadly. ”Peters later claimed that Ratner threatened him with an armed bodyguard,” the story says, though it quotes Ratner as saying, ”I don’t need a guard to pull a gun on someone.”

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