By Gregory Kirschling
Updated May 30, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

And you call yourself a Terminator fan? Then where’s your limited-edition T3 titanium wristwatch, huh? Or your T3 motorcycle? Bet you don’t even ride the official T3: Rise of the Machines skateboard. Some fan you are. Then again, if your tastes don’t range toward $19,900 tie-in timepieces, you can still show your T3 fandom with funny little Arnie bobbleheads. Or T3 boxers. Or T3 action figures. In truth, there’s enough summer-movie stuff — Finding Nemo candy, Charlie’s Angels 2 apparel, Matrix paraphernalia, X2 toys — to fill the official Tomb Raider 2 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon several times over. — Gregory Kirschling

2 Fast? 2 Furious? Too cute! Li’l cars! Vroom, vroom! $34.95

X2 Figures Painstaking design! Lifelike detail! $7.99

Hulk Hands Mash Hulk-brand Silly Putty with these monster gloves, $19.99

Matrix Shades Make the Men in Black look like dorks, $240

Nemo Plush Huge lovable fish is great for cuddling, $29.99