Eve 6 singer is arrested after nude hotel frolic. He walked around in the lobby wearing only strategically sprayed shaving cream

By Gary Susman
Updated May 30, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Eve 6, Max Collins
Credit: Max Collins: Steven Tackeff/

Several hours after rockers Eve 6 performed at alt-rock bash X-Fest in Pittsburgh on Memorial Day, frontman Max Collins had an X-Fest of his own back at the band’s hotel. Collins was arrested early Tuesday after parading around in the lobby and elevators in a manner that worked other guests into a lather: He was wearing nothing but some strategically sprayed shaving cream, police told the local Beaver County Times.

According to the Times, Collins showed up in the buff at the front desk shortly after midnight and requested shaving cream. Soon after, guests at the hotel (the Crowne Plaza near the Pittsburgh airport) spotted Collins in an elevator and the piano lounge, clad only in Barbasol. A hotel employee escorted him back to his room, but he showed up naked again in the elevator. That’s when the police of Moon Township (Moon Township? Beaver County? No, we’re not making this up) were called. They came and found the ”Here’s to the Night” singer in his room, still unclad, and booked him on charges of indecent exposure. He was freed on bail Tuesday morning and is scheduled to face a preliminary hearing this Tuesday, MTV News reports.

A spokesperson for the band, whose album ”It’s All in Your Head” comes out next month, along with the aptly titled single ”Think Twice,” said she anticipated little fallout from the incident. ”We view it as a minor incident,” said RCA Records rep Maggie Wang. No, really, we’re not making this up.