Lavigne's ''Sk8er Boi'' becomes a movie. MTV Films commissions a screenplay based on the hit song about teen snobbery
Avril Lavigne

Could she make it any more obvious? Apparently not. Avril Lavigne’s hit ”Sk8er Boi,” which tells the tale of teenage love thwarted by cliquish snobbery in an economical three minutes and 24 seconds, will be adapted into a movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, MTV Films has hired ”ER” scribe David Zabel to adapt Lavigne’s lyrics into a screenplay for Paramount.

”Sk8er Boi” won’t be a musical, but songwriting/production team The Matrix (Scott Spock, Lauren Christy and Graham Edwards), who co-composed the tune with Lavigne, will create a soundtrack of new songs for the film. No word on whether Lavigne will make an appearance in the movie.