By EW Staff
May 27, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg: Joan Marcus

Who’ll win a Tony for best actor in a play?

Newman was wonderful as the small-town Stage Manager in ”Our Town,” but this nomination was probably more of a thank-you gift for the actor. As in, Thanks for supporting Broadway and please come back, will you? This is Bedford’s sixth nomination — he hasn’t won since 1971’s ”School for Wives” — but the long-closed ”Tartuffe” was too much of a trifle. Tucci brought bluster and charm to ”Frankie and Johnny,” though perhaps too much bluster and not enough charm. As the patriarch of the troubled Tyrone family in ”Long Day’s Journey,” Dennehy is amazingly low-key — which is probably why he won’t win. All this puts British transvestite comic Izzard (pictured above) in an enviable position. He’s already racked up a few awards for his gutsy performance in ”Joe Egg” (he plays the father of a severely autistic child); this could be a definite turning point for the former street performer.
Winner: Izzard