Putting a finger on the pulse of the money that really matters

By EW Staff
Updated May 23, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

FRIENDS Reported cost to air a 30-second commercial during next year’s series finale $2 million

ROY ROGERS Sale price of the Mojave Desert site that once housed the King of the Cowboys’ museum $883,000

STOLEN SUPERHEROES Restitution to be paid by a former security guard for possessing custom-made Spider-Man and Batman costumes pilfered from studio lots $93,000

OLD SPICE Deodorant company’s estimated sponsorship of the second annual armpit festival in Battle Mountain, Nev., Aug. 15 — 17 $75,000

GEORG BUCHNER PRIZE Amount awarded to writer/film-maker Alexander Kluge for the prestigious German literature prize $46,000

THE MATRIX RELOADED Starting price on the Cadillac CTS sedan — the same one used in the film’s elaborate car-chase scene $30,345

CHRISTOFLE Winning bid at a Las Vegas charity auction for the world’s priciest cocktail, complete with diamond swizzle stick $8,000

‘N SYNC Cost to watch the boy band play in a July 20 charity basketball game during its Challenge for the Children V weekend $13.50 — $500

XBOX Price tag on Microsoft’s Music Mixer, a gadget that will turn the videogame console into a karaoke machine $39.99

SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON eBay starting bid for show’s immunity idol (proceeds go to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation) $.99