We rate the 10 best and worst new TV shows. The major networks are busy selling their upcoming series. Ken Tucker tells you which ones he's buying

By Ken Tucker
Updated May 21, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
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We rate the 10 best and worst new TV shows

The networks have announced their fall schedules, and we’ve seen clips from the shows and parsed the honchos’ hype. From this, it’s possible to start the early betting on what looks TiVo-worthy and what doesn’t.


Miss Match (NBC) Alicia Silverstone as a divorce lawyer by day, romance matchmaker in her spare time. It sounds corny, but Silverstone makes corn consumable. This could be a feel-good hit that doesn’t make you feel too guilty.

Hope and Faith (ABC) Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford as feuding sisters. From the looks of a few scenes, this may have the energy, slapstick, and cleverness to be a rare good new sitcom.

Karen Sisco (ABC) Carla Gugino, the mom in ”Spy Kids,” gets sexier and more hardboiled, taking J. Lo’s role in this adaptation of ”Out of Sight.” The script about a relentless Federal Marshall is close to the terrific Elmore Leonard novel source-material, and Robert Forster is literally disarming as Cisco’s fast-witted P.I. father.

The O.C. (Fox) That’s ”Orange County,” the posh L.A. enclave, into which a troubled young man comes to join a family led by Peter Gallagher. As overseen by feature-film folk Doug Liman (”The Bourne Identity”) and McG (”Charlie’s Angels”), ”The O.C.” has a chance at recapturing the glory days of the nighttime soap — that is, if you thought ”Dynasty” or ”Knots Landing” were TV glories.

Cold Case (CBS) If we must have a new cop show, let it be one with an intriguing female protagonist (”Minority Report”’s Kathryn Morris) investigating old unsolved crimes with what looks like producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s newfound skill (”CSI,” ”Without A Trace”) as a producer of cool TV.


Whoopi (NBC) Goldberg grumps through a sitcom in which she runs a fleabag hotel complete with an Iraqi handyman-character who makes jokes about bombs. Are you laughing yet?

Coupling (NBC) The network thinks they’ve found a future ”Friends” in this adaptation of a British show that sounds just like? ”Friends.” Six pals, sitting around making sex-talk, with a breast-flashing scene — but without any clever jokes in the scenes I saw.

Threat Matrix (ABC) It’s the show you’ve been waiting for — the Office of Homeland Security adventure hour!

The Ortegas (Fox) Ostensibly a rip-off of a British hit, it’s also a rip off of E!’s ”The Michael Essany Show.” This one’s about a Latino family whose son hosts a talk show in his living room. Notable cast member uttering lame lines: Cheech Marin.

The Stones (CBS) Robert Klein and Judith Light as divorcing parents whose grown kids re-invade their home. Does this make sense? No. I’ll bet you five bucks it doesn’t take three episodes before Klein pulls out his harmonica for some ”funny” blues-harping.

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