Mariah calls Eminem ''girly'' over phone flap. She thinks he should have better things to do than listen to her old phone messages

Mariah Carey
Credit: Mariah Carey: Arnold Turner/

Will these two get a room already? Earlier this week, the New York Post reported that Eminem saved several ”long, gushy” voicemails from Mariah Carey and may use them to make a song. Carey fired back in an interview with the New York Daily News, saying ”I don’t know what the hell he’s doing. It’s a little excessive. Doesn’t it seem a little bit girly? Like we’re in a catfight.”

The pair’s feud stems from a kiss-and-tell interview Eminem gave Rolling Stone last year; Carey’s camp said he exaggerated the depth of their relationship. While Slim Shady’s representatives denied to the Post that he would turn the voicemails into a song, Carey told the Daily News, ”If somebody has nothing better to do than sit around listening to old phone messages, I’m a little concerned with that.” As for the Eminem associate who told the Post that the messages were ”weird and graphic” and had the diva speaking in ”a baby voice,” she acknowledged, ”I have little voices. I do things like that that are fun and games.” She told the Daily News, ”Let him do whatever the hell he wants [with the recordings]. If that makes him happy, yea for him.” However, she added, ”We all have a lot of messages, don’t we? And we should all remember that.”

Carey also dismissed the Post’s report that singer Luis Miguel was also planning to blab about his relationship with her to a magazine in order to promote his new album. ”That I don’t believe,” she said of her ex. ”He’s a class act.”