Halle Berry injured on the set. ?Gothika? halts filming after the ?X-Men? star breaks her arm
Halle Berry
Credit: Halle Berry: Glenn Weiner/ZUMA Press/NewsCom
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Where’s Adrien Brody when you need him? Halle Berry could have used the extra support Wednesday after breaking her arm on the set of the supernatural thriller ”Gothika.”

Berry, 32, was treated for a broken ulna at a Montreal hospital and released the same day. Surprisingly, the scene the Oscar-winning actress was shooting at the time of her injury did not involve any stunts. ”It was just one of the physical scenes in the movie,” spokesman Joe Everett told Reuters. ”Her arm didn’t go the way it was supposed to.”

Though costars Robert Downey Jr. and Penélope Cruz were on the set, there’s no word on whether either was involved in the arm-snapping scene.

Berry’s new continuity-ruining arm cast will delay filming until next Tuesday as ”Gothika” producers Joel Silver (”The Matrix”) and Robert Zemeckis (”Cast Away”) brainstorm ways to shoot around it. It sounds like an easy fix: She plays a criminal psychologist who is institutionalized for a murder she doesn’t remember. Maybe she can forget how she broke her arm, too.

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