By Will Hermes
Updated May 09, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

A regional club phenomenon that broke national for a few minutes in the ’80s (see Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk, etc.), Washington, D.C., go-go has simmered underground ever since. This crudely assembled, shamelessly self-promoting mix-cum-radio show splices live and studio jams that, as songs, don’t go much of anywhere. But with this kind of loping funk, sometimes that’s just where you want to be. Producer Flexx adds programmed drums and sample stabs to the old conga-cowbell-police whistle recipe, and whether the vocals are recycled diva R&B (”Make Um Pay”), dancehall reggae crooning (”That Way”), G-funk party chants (”Ride Out”), or Afro-centric travelogue (”Go Go Ology”) his tracks are consistently hypnotizing. WET SPOT Built on the guitar lick from Betty Wright’s ”Clean Up Woman” and the sound of a running faucet, ”The Water Dance” seems dangerous business for a dance floor crowded with booze-filled bladders. But, hey — whatever gets you off.