Queen Latifah may play crime boss in comedy -- She's in talks to star in a remake of the South Korean comedy ''My Wife Is a Gangster''

By Gary Susman
Updated May 09, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Having played a bank robber in ”Set It Off” and a convict in ”Bringing Down the House,” Queen Latifah is about to graduate to crime boss. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the ”Chicago” Oscar nominee is in talks to star in ”My Wife Is a Gangster,” which would shoot next spring. It’s a remake of a South Korean comedy about a crime queenpin who gets married to please her dying sister. The man she chooses is a naif who has no idea that he’s marrying into the mob, but as he begins to get wind of the truth, she finds herself actually falling in love with him.

As with ”Bringing Down the House,” Latifah is producing the film as well. Plus, she’s got another South Korean action-comedy remake on her slate called ”No Blood No Tears,” about two female con artists. Both films would shoot after her cameo as a hairstylist in the upcoming ”Barbershop” sequel, which she’ll spin off into her own ”Beauty Shop” movie. And in case people have forgotten that she’s also a rapper, she has a new album, ”First Love,” due this summer.